Last night I was on Wookie and as I do my quests I ‘Q’ up for pug dungeons, my normal thing I do. I get into a couple, grind up some xp and upgrade some items along the way. The last pug I did for the night was Halls of Stone. Our Pal Tank is very green and wet behind the ears. It’s obvious as he accidentally pulls 3 3-4 mobs at the same time. I wait for the ever so unfair but fair feature for allowing a vote to ‘kick’ another. It never came.

We all rezzed.

He repeats the mistake but with half of the 12 npcs gone we –nay– HE aggroed’ the big metal patrol guy, so..we wipe again.

I wait once more for someone, anyone to initiate the kick. There are drawbacks for doing so. First and foremost it’s a tank. A sub 80 tank at that. Finding pugs on a consistent basis being under 80 is a crap shoot. Hence, me going about my questing. Tanks aren’t a dime/dozen nor are healers. I would venture to say, sub 80 there are less tanks than heals. So, with running the risk of a wait time that could exceed 10-20 mins, I guess no one wanted to risk that, let alone me.

We rez.

This time around I ask ‘Is this your first time tanking?’


We eat/mana up, buff then I see that there are no real leaders in the group (me excluded). So I speak up and ask again if he’s new. I then go on to explain how to correctly ‘pull’ mobs and that I will MD him and pull since his way of taunting is to wide. He finally opens up and says he’s been here before but never as a tank. Halls of Stone (HoS) isn’t the best place to learn tanking 101 sub 80. But it does give opportunity to learn. So I ask the rest of the guild if it’s OK that we slow down. They all were good with this.

I still lay the agreement based on my comments above of the alternatives.

We slowly make our way to the 2nd to last boss — rather the waves. Our tank announces his chest, helm and gloves are all ‘red’. Red means the items or armor are ‘broke’, which in turn means the stats like life, strength, agility etc. are now useless. Over time unless it’s a Heirloom everyone has to ‘repair’. Apparently our tank forgot to do so prior to the run.

As I sit there sighing I realized that I’m witnessing my own progression in WoW. Difference being I wouldn’t publicly admit my dumb ass ness. He asks if he can go repair, another says the same thing and the other has to take a shit…or ‘bio2’. I smile.

10 min. later we all reconvene to the hall of the final boss. Kill it then I get a very nice tell from the healer. The healer is the girlfriend of the tank. She apologized to me and thanked me for not being an asshat, as prior to this run they would boot him from the group, she would then follow. I was, I guess the only one with patience and stepped up to the plate to offer advice. They have been playing for about 6 months and are both guildless because they simply take longer to learn things. I thank them for being THEM. I wished them well and if there ever on Azshara to give me a shout.

They left the group and I sat there in the instance feeling like I did something decent ingame. My MO is to simply leave the group after the 2nd wipe or if one of the healer or tanks leave. I don’t have much play time to fuck around like that. I tend to have 2-3 hrs a night, if that. This time around it was well worth  the TIME spent. This is what gaming is all about to me.



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2 responses to “Patience

  1. That was really good of you man. I can’t say I have enough experience to help somebody thru like that. But I never initiate a kick. I MAY drop from a pug tho.

  2. I’ve never initiated one and more times than not won’t even hit the button. I do drop like rain when I’m in my mood. Ya know…the ‘mood’.

    I’m more of a grizzled veteran at this point in the game. Seen it all not done it all. It is nice to run into friendly strangers who aren’t judgmental based on the color of your gear.

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