Running in Place

It’s a slow grind getting back into shape. Much like leveling a toon in WoW. You see a lot of progress your first 1-25 levels. Then you hit the 30’s-40’s and things get a little boring, same thing over and over. God forbid leveling 50-60’s…by that time you are well into your professions and farming like mad.

Now come the 70-80 grind. Oy vay. Although that tends to be a fast 10 levels provided you know what your doing. You also need help. My help in losing the fat is my wonderful wife. She’s my muse.

We are averaging one day – rather- night a week where we work out. Our goal is to do this 3-4 times a week. We’re getting there kids. So last week we ran on the elevated track around the gym and last night we did the treadmill. I ran 2.1 miles– mostly jogged and walked fast in just under 30 mins. Worked on my mid section and focused on my abs and lower back. I’ve had chronic back issues over the past  15 years- basically being fat and not doing stuff….I want a super strong back. I’d like 98 million dollars too but this seems more like something I can accomplish in the next year.

It’s funny as I was jogging, in front of the parade of mills, spinners, climbers are 12 TV’s with their own stations. We tend to always come on the night the ‘BIGGEST LOSER’ is on. Talk about inspiration. LOST and American Idol were also on but one can’t watch Idol without sound, and LOST is…well…a fruitless attempt to even watch it. It needs it’s own Cliff Notes just to watch an episode. I’m a Evangeline Lilly fan. How can you not like high cheek bones? My wife has super high cheek bones!

I’m trying to decipher what they’re saying on BLoser but it seems like one couple didn’t even try to lose weight that week and was kicked off. Is that how the show works? It made me wonder how can someone let themselves ‘go’ like that. Then I looked down and realized that I let myself go. Not to 300-400 lbs but it’s relative.

For me it comes down to complacency. You get used to things, easy things. Work is work and of work why would I choose consciously to go work out when I can sit back in my bed and watch TV or level my Night Elf? We tend to choose the easier path until something significant happens. Or not. Since you live with yourself 24/7 you don’t see the changes immediately but over time the complacency blinds you to what is really happening. Your shirts are tighter, pants are tighter so you buy the XXL+’s. You can’t move as much but why bother? It’s so much easier to just quit and make more excuses to not do something active and positive.

My excuses currently fall in the ‘tired’ category. I try and do other things when I don’t go to the gym. I still climb the morning 72 steps to the 4th floor at work, 5 times a week. I do my 20 pushups in the morning, 20 in my office…yeah go ahead and laugh…and I can’t wait for my assistant to walk in on me as I’m grunting and farting as I’m on my last rep…then at night I do 20 more pushups. I hate the elipitcal but will do that at least  once a week at 5-6 min pops. I’m also consistent (sans 2 days) of calorie counting on my apps (iPhone) and keeping my calories intake at under 2k– avg is around 1600 calories per day. I’m finally getting that routine which is ever so important when you change things around in your daily life.

This morning I weighed in at 236 lbs. Up two from last week….but I will bet 50g that it will be under 234 by nights end. I may have hit a plateau as far as losing pounds quickly but my stamina is up big time. I’m only lathargic after eating certain foods and the fact I’m consistently UNDER 240 lbs makes me a very happy camper. I’ve also gone down 1 pant size. Was 40 now a 38. 30’s are good in my book. I bought jeans last week as a celebratory gift and though they were a tight fit they did fit. My wife was very pleased to see my ass. Flat as it is she was laughing at the tightness around my supple strong thighs and she took the liberty of slapping my (flat) ass a few times. It felt good. She calls them ‘skinny’ jeans..but they’re not tapered down at the bottom which then would make me a faggot. They’re simply straight legged jeans….which happen to be tight in my thigh area and (flat) ass area…the connotation to being the ‘skinny’ jeans fad was what I’d like to call a misuse of the word. I would never wear the trendy ‘skinny’ jeans, even if it was to save some Seal Pups. Fuck that.

Not me.

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