Friday Comic: Micronauts

Micronauts #14, #15 were part of a 3-Pack combo I bought with my allowance while on a family road trip to the Amana Colonies. This was the summer of 1980. It was these two books that officially ‘hooked’ me on comics. A throw back to Star Wars with all of it’s characters and not so Star Warsy too. Maybe it was the Farrah Fawcett hair of  Marionette or the C3PO (Biotron) & R2D2 (Microtron) robot’s who pretty much saved their asses in almost every issue. I don’t really know. I DO know that the character I wanted to be was ACROYEAR

Micronauts #14 - Comic Book Cover

Micronauts #15 - Comic Book Cover

Being a mere 9 years old and super impressionable on movies and comics I collected these with fervor only limited by my weekly allowance of $5.00. I stopped eating candy, not entirely but reduced my in take of large plastic Pixie Stix, Big League Chew & my all time favorite Fun Dip (Stix) so I can spend my earnings on comics. Since comics were relatively cheap at $0.40-50 cents each I was able to get my fill. I visited Dragon’s Lair every Saturday morning after cartoons. Dragon’s Lair is still alive and kicking which is in direct relation to it being an original comic book shop. I even had my Father let Bob (the owner) know it was OK for me to purchase “EPIC” and “Heavy Metal” as they were and still are considered “Adult” theme publications.

Micronauts gave me a story line that took off where Stars Wars ended. It’s core characters were misfits and came together under duress. It wasn’t your typical comic in a sense that it blended the back stories of a gestapo like S.S. machine headed by Baron Karza and his body banks (think Matrix & Auschwitz) where he would do experiments on his enemies. Pretty heavy stuff for 1980. It also created the “Microverse” with it’s own rules and laws of physics which in itself creates all new ways of looking at our world. Deep there too huh?

I believe the first 50 issues were the best. You can usually if not always find these in the, ironically 50 cent- 1.00 bins at the local comic shops or whenever there is a Con going on. I tend to pick up more of the same copies in various conditions, I’m still looking for VF-Mint 1-10.

They tried to ramp up more updated versions of Micronauts but always to a low reception and poor sales. They had their time in the spotlight in the early 80’s and I don’t ever see it being better. Just like music, (imo) writing is the key to success in books/comics/– the better writers of today’s comic book world are writing their OWN stories.  “TICK”

Micronauts #7 - Comic Book Cover!”Micronauts #26 - Comic Book Cover

Micronauts #37 - Comic Book Cover

All Covers above came from COMIC VINE, a fantastic source for Comic Book Lovers.


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