Easy, Like Sunday Morning…

I’ve said it once, twice & thrice. WoW is easy. Super easy. Like. For sho easy. Like the one girl in 9th grade who went to Marian HS (All girl Catholic School) who I met at some party. That easy.

I think now is the best time for anyone interested in playing WoW to do so. Get a 55 DK going and by weeks end he’ll be 80 with 1/2 set of purps. Join a raid guild and finish off the sets. The only thing that will take time is your professions– and that of course is eclipsed by what you choose and your gold. Of which can easily be bought online and appears to be at an all time low.

They misewell make this a console game or a version for the Nintendo DS.  Anyone who tells you that WoW is hard and such is simply ig’nant. It’s still a fun game, don’t get me wrong, otherwise I’d have quit long ago. There are still challenges (not this server) left for many a raiders and tons and tons and tons of achievements one can get. Among the easiest – sides ordering it is the accumilation of Gold. Do the dailies and your set for a while. Do repetitive quests and BOOM new mount, flying mounts here and there.

My suggestions for those who have done it all- (on this server*) here are some suggestions incase you are wondering “What Next?”.

1. Make a new toon. Try a class of character you’ve never thought about, like a female dwarf warrior who combines herbalism with tailoring.

2. Make a ‘twink‘ (no homo) toon. Twinks are optimized toons with levels ending in 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79- all for the purpose to see how much money and time you can time sink into and show off your large blue penis with. (epeen). They have the games best of best gear and are built for PvP. I had one. Blue Penis and all til I said fuck it. *see UZO

3. Do the 3 female professions. Cooking, Fishing & First Aid. Cuz we all know women are really good at those things. Max it out. Cap it. Top it off. I do recommend at the very very least First Aid. I’m waiting for a 4th female prof. – the art of guilt. Whereas your female counterpart makes you feel guilty for playing WoW, spending too much time with your ‘boys’, not putting the seat down at 3:45 a.m., not listening at the proper moment, things like that. ***disclaimer: my wife does none of these, cept maybe the 3:45 a.m. one which I can totally understand. Who wants piss on their backside???

4. Go opposite faction. aka going both ways (yes, homo). Make and Alliance/Horde toon and join the guild that ganked you the most and tear it down from the inside out. Get to be a high ranking officer within said guild and create drama. Be a passive aggressive type and blame others and pass the buck. It’ll be fun. Trust me.

5. Get neekid and do WSG.

6. Ask really dumb questions in Trade Chat. Like reeeally dumb questions but keep yourself from breaking your role. Act sincere. Then slowly reveal you are actually a female. See the mood changes and let the whispers entail. It’s priceless…human behavior, let alone testosterone high school angst behavior who think women actually play WoW. (sans: Colleen, Alix, Santha, Cinmoon, Torente, etc.)

7. Do the achievements. As much as you possibly can. This in itself would potentially keep you playing wow for years on end. Literally, some take a whole calendar year to complete.

— I have more but I’m getting bored.


WookieLuv update!

He/I hit 80 Saturday this past weekend. My promise to my daughter and wife came to fruition and of course I had some guild help along the way – mainly with morale support. I pretty much spent Saturday playing WoW and hanging with my family. I was able to get 4 purples and several achievements. It was a boon for Wook and he thanked me afterward. Looks like I might join a raid guild to catch him up on what’s new and current. I was also 15 second from getting the free mount drop from Strat, the other 4 peeps had the drop. I have a feeling I’ll get it this week.

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