The TKC Women (British & European Edition)

What seems to be an eternity (3-4 years?) I visit a local KC Blogger at on a regular basis. I tend to be a creature of habit.

What makes him different from others in the local blog’sphere is he rarely takes himself seriously. He is both humble and an complete douche bag all in the same paragraphs. He multi-tasks. He likes to focus on Politics- with his aim on our KC Mayor Funk & his Mayoral Wife Gloria. Pretty much all things Kansas City. He has balls the size of Alabama Watermelons with some of his posts. Things he says I’d only think of for fear of being fired, shot at or worse…. For that I am a fan of his. Not a fanboi but a fan and a regular reader, though I do skip the Mayoral bashings as it simply doesn’t interest me. KC Mayors’ past have all been sub par and since I’ve been around for almost 15 years in KC have yet to see any real change in the Public School Systems which as everyone knows is my thing.

Anywhoo– this post is about the women he puts up on his blog for eye candy. He has similar tastes as I do with women except I don’t seek out the hottest jug shots of England chicks (U.K.). I do see he likes to post certain ladies over and over again. That is what this post is about. The women of TKC (Tony ‘s Kansas City). I go back mostly to discover new babes to gawk at in a SFW environment.  This is the first of maybe a 2-3 part series. First up are the “Page 3” girls…

Right from the start you can tell he has an eye for blonds. Most mexicans do. My ex wife is a blond (fake). I’ve dated all type of women but I’m most attracted to my wife (+3). Before my wife (BMW) I leaned toward dark haired or brunettes. Tony, seems to be all about Big boobed, English women. From scanning his archives here are the Big Boobed English Women (BBEW) that he most posts.

1. Keeley Hazell

2. Danielle Lloyd

3. Gemma Atkinson

4. Lucy Pinder— while she’s not “Blonde” she’s a Tony fav.

European & Foreign Ladies of TKC

1. Bar Refaeli



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5 responses to “The TKC Women (British & European Edition)

  1. TKC

    Thank you so much for for reading!!! You have an eye for talent yourself with your photo selection.

    Keep the fire!!!

  2. Thanks Tony (Tone, Toni). Honestly, you do post up some ‘chicks’ I’ve never seen before and you’ve given me nice links to the sites (hosts) whereas I can add to my library of decadence. (my mind).

    I do have ONE request, less pix of the ‘bare feet’ when repping Gloria Squirto– the one shot where it’s showing the gritty toe nails…gives me the willies.

  3. one sophomoric cretin gives another compliments on the sexist “chick pics” he selects and puts up and responds with his own.

    I would have thought we were beyond this by now, as adults in the 21st Century but sadly, clearly not, huh?

    Maybe next century.

    • Mo Rage, thanks for taking the time out of your day to come over here to this little egocentric blog and posting. Better yet, you did so without an anonymous tag. I think you are taking things too seriously in regards to women. Your judgmental comments on me being ‘sophomoric cretin’ simply because I love beauty is reaching.

      Who are you to make judgements on others and their own tastes? I read your comments on Tony’s posting and I chuckled at the under tone of “I’m righteous and know what’s good for people, if you don’t like it then you, sir are “cretins!”. I am better than you. I never and have never objectified women in any sense shape or form in my (looks to be 60?) long life.”

      Do you understand the premise of Tony’s blog? It’s satirical. It’s news that’s Kansas City but most of all it’s Tony’s Blog. Not yours. Not mine. His. You want to ‘challenge’ him to be more professional? Really?? LOL You need to step off your 5.5″ pontifical podium and relax.

      Again, I applaud you for having balls to call me a ‘sophomoric cretin’ without hiding behind a anon poster. *golf clap* I, too took the time to read some of your archives and came to a generalized conclusion you have a lot of pent up anger with life. Bitter comes to mind. It’s ok man. You might just need a hug.


      Feel better? Hope so.

      Look for part 2 soon!

  4. Did somebody say gritty toenails? This is Bo Sweatpants, and I like both you and Tony Kansas City. I don’t know who Mo Rage is, but he reminds me of the volunteer members of the FBPD (Facebook Police Department), for whom I layed a verbal beatdown on tonight in a little posting of my own titled “Fuck You Facebook Cop!” Anyhow, I’m glad I ran into this blog. I’ll keep checking it out!

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