Friday (err…Tuesday) Comic: Daredevil (Frank Miller)

Daredevil the blind lawyer. The guy who uses little sticks to fight with. In red. His taste in women are legendary. The movie with Ben Affleck sucked donkey dick. He ruined it. He sucked. Elektra sucked. The casting for that was half assed. You can always tell what “Marvel” flick they want to make a blockbuster by it’s STAR & Directors. This flick was a pos. Afleck has about as much ‘presence’ on screen as he did in “Dazed & Confused”. Limited, boring and mono tone.   I bring the movie up as that’s the most people have seen about Daredevil let alone ‘know’ him and his back story.

The only thing this movie did right was pick the series / story line up which was done by Frank Miller. Frank Miller of 300, Spirit, Sin City and soon one of my all time fav series RONIN – got his proverbial feet wet by Daredevil for Marvel. He, revitalized it much like Chris Claremont did for the Uncanny X-Men in the late 80’s early 90’s.

The story involved Bullseye & Elektra going after KingPin. Plain and simple. The art and layout were impactful and of course you can’t have a great book without the writing. Frank Miller wrote the series of the heart and best story line DD in the under 200 issues and prolly ever since.  It’s grittyness of writng and storyboards are plain as day when you read the series. Marvel took note and gave him all scripting, penciling and editing for a large chunk of the KingPin/Elektra/Bullseye (series).

I highly recommend you pick it up in it’s original form not the trade paperback compilations unless that’s all you can find. Call up your local comic shop and have them get the packs together for you. You won’t be disappointed. Issues 158 thru 191. You may be able to get some cheap, dollar bin.

First Frank Miller

First DD

Last Frank Miller DD

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