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When I get the chances to make a ‘wish’ from birthdays, fortune cookies, shooting stars, when the clock reads 1:11 or 11:11 and/or when there’s an eye lash needing to be wished upon I usually make the same wish. That wish is for my family and friends to live healthy lives & be healthy.

Your welcome.

Last week my wife & started feeling little itches in our throats and knew something was coming. What was to come was 4 days of misery in the form of some med grade flu bug. Usual symptoms which include sore body aches, nasal pressure & congestion and sever sore throat. This one was odd since I didn’t have so much a cough as much as a barrage of sinus headaches and my throat burned. It sucked ass.

In my moments of clarity I did some work for work. Slept a lot. Ate little since it was a chore and pain to eat anything non-liquid. (eww). I was able to play some MMO’s while I was clear enough – my time in WoW has slowed to a crawl mostly due to being sick and the other reason being I’m bored with it. This would be the ‘wane’ time of WoW for me. The ‘wax’ time is currently SWG again. I upped a couple accounts and having fun doing NEW stuff ingame. The whole ‘Chronicles’ thing is of course a super in-depth quest reward system that harkons back to pre-CU. (Combat Upgrade).

I made my new city named “WookieLuv” back on Lok, established several citizens to be ranked up to level 2 city this week. Threw down a bunch of harvesters- as my foray back into the game will be selling resources as I’m too far behind the proverbial ball on crafting anything interesting or worth selling. I have all the profession covered so there’s no lack of interest or need to collaborate with other crafters unless I simply don’t have the materials.

I was able to recall my ‘Musashii’ account and opened up the TCG packs they give you for free and VOILA I got the Rebel ‘Spire’ building. That’s worth around $200-$250.00. I got for free. I was also able to fanagle a deal on a “Hangar” which is worth $300.00 and able to sell the card for $275.00 – which will help pay for the subs and more. =D When I left the game in 07 I had 1.5 billion credits. I wasn’t about to throw it away at that time and am very glad I kept the credits. Apparently the game is having a nice ‘comeback’. Those credits are now worth nearly a 1:1 ration of millions to dollars. i.e. 100 million credits = $100.00  of which you can easily sell via paypal, ingame or other 3rd party places.

Who knew.

Anyways, I’m enjoying my SWG time and hopefully will continue doing so. WoW is still interesting, just less. I was able to get WookieLuv 5/6 Windrunner Hunter Set this weekend. Not bad for being a janky ass hunter.

A lot can be said about having ‘time’ and with WoW and it’s current state of being easy enough anyone can pick it up and gear up in a week-to-two-weeks time and be respectable.* I’ve written a few posts on the dumb-downing of WoW and while it still rings true today I’m hoping the next expansion adds new elements and features worth logging in for.

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