I’m still a loser

Being of sound mind and weight loss body I post here to update my mass of minions *WHIP* **SEE SUCUBUS in WOW* that I’ve hit a new 3 year loss of weight. As of this morning post piss I weighed 233 – yes initially without seeing me that seems high and well yes it is. However, for me and considering what’s relative it’s a positive loss of weight. I still work out once a week. (need to improve that) but my diet isn’t so much a diet anymore but rather a way of life choices.

I still use my app on my iPhone but not as much as I KNOW what something costs to eat. I’m so predictable that I know that my max calorie intake is this and that. I’m super boring that way. But good for me in this way. lol

I tested the loss by slapping on a shirt I wore and  bought on a business trip some 7 years ago to Atlanta. It fit without the damned buttons bulging. I smiled. I did a little jig at 6:31 a.m. this morning and told myself to wear that on casual Friday. I will.

So..it seems I’m at my body size and portions of 7 years ago…which is good…that was when I was getting a divorce. Divorce is among the top 5 ways to lose weight in NO time.

5. Divorce

4. Drugs

3. Start Smoking

2. Illness

1. Being Broke

I plan on posting my fugly progress pix once I hit 200. You may not want to see it…lol

Anyways, wanted to share that unlike empty posts by others on weight loss, exercise and health mine are actually coming to fruition. I still get much inspiration from Sam’s blog, though I can’t bring myself to start running…fat people running is funny to me. It seems so comedic that I don’t wanna be the poster boy for such acts..I’d rather run in place at the gym or do night walks with the wife and dogs.



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