I find ‘words’ to be a powerful entity. Phrases, letters, words, definitions of words and overall linguistics have always been something I’m fascinated with. The power it holds over everyone has it’s own levels and impact and for me it’s a large part of my every day life. I’ve been in the communications business for a long time, even though I’m 38. Growing up in my father’s studio I watched him design a ton of materials both for work and freelance. I saw how he took the target audience and convey the message through words & images. Whenever he wasn’t in the studio in the evening I would be down there sitting on the wooden stool at the huge wooden architects desk with a hand turn raiser. Cutting board layed across the table where one can easily ‘cut’ things with his arsenal of X-acto knives. I became a master of cutting at an early age.

I noticed right away that my father’s freelance was based a lot on bold statements. He seemed to specialize in commercial business that needed a ‘in your face’ approach to advertising. My design style is, well..it is to me in the middle of the road and conservative line. I don’t choose this as I like to expand the edge, I love having free reign when working but at this point in my design career *and marketing it’s outlet of creativity is when I’m doing personal work or a freelance client gives me the OK to do what I want. They trust me. This trust happens over time of course, I deliver what they want and ‘see’ what they want and they are satisfied with the end product. Be it a banner ad, logo, poster, catch phrase or something along those lines.

When I met Alix it was from her ‘words’ she posted on the KC Singles.com site that caught my attention– though she did make the first move of contacting me via a PM. I, apparently caught her attention by my posted/written words on the site forums as well. I know a lot of non-met-someone-online-unless-you-do-count-craigslist-anon-sex-posts- people chuckle at the thought of a non-traditional way of meeting people. I see it their facial expressions, however slight, that they believe that kind of communication and socialization is something “less”.

I chuckle back.

I found love online. I paid my 15.00 a month and found several nice and fantastic women in the process, made a dozen still here close friends and built what seems to be lasting friendships. Through words.

I finally met Alix via a KC Singles event: this was an up & coming site in KC when dating sites were in they’re beginnings and they coupled it with having social events about once a week at local eateries, bars, clubs, parks and local area events. I saw her at the Shawnee Mission Park with her partner in crime. We had talked several times before this meet and I was dating another at the time but I “KNEW” something was there, maybe just lust at first but my thoughts came back to the person I found online, her postings, her sounds she made on the phone, tonal inflections. These – what may seem mundane to some fascinates me today. If it wasn’t for her intellect and forming of words being of wit and warmth I might never had gone after her the way I did. I was lucky enough to do so.

I do believe our lives come to be a dozen or so key moments/actions in ones lifetime that shape everything thereon. Not to minimize everything inbetween but those key moments DO have a huge impact on what was to come.

Last night I was on WoW basically there to do my cool downs and shoot the shit in trade chat. If you are not aware, World of Warcraft Trade Chat isn’t something for the weak, non-thick skin and people who take themselves too seriously. It’s choc full of asshats. Kids. Kid Adults. Women, wives and little children listen and watch the chat channel. You have a choice to filter it off but it’s on by default and if you are in a Capital City you automatically are in the channel. It’s supposed to be a place where on can find materials, trade commerce, it’s used for that purpose on a 10:1 against. It’s the main hub of social interaction.

This leads to many nights of immature e-peen talking. Spamming. Gold spammers. “Anal” spammers. Guild smack talk. PvP smack talk. It can be very entertaining. So a friend of mine logs in named Chemotherapy, prior to him and I talking the main subject of chat was sex, rape and games. I stay away from rape topics because they only time to talk of rape is in the context of something serious and something I won’t egg on in chat. I asked Chemo if he has ever had chemo in real life – in trade chat. Silence fell on the chat for a good 1.5 mins. He replied back no but he’s seen what it does. He also replied his mother almost lasted 2 year. I replied mine lasted 9 months before dying from cancer. I would have thought chat would continue to be quiet but around 9-10 people posted their brushes with chemo and cancer and of those only 2 either survived it or is in remission. People who normally are lurkers in chat spoke up.

Maybe it was Chemo and mines admitting something REAL and TANGIBLE via words that hit some peoples nerves or that we spoke out of real life terms that was a catalyst for others to speak up. Point being people are touched by words and phrases, it evokes feelings much like a favorite song they heard from way back when. It awakens memories that lay dorment in your mind. We all spoke of what cancer does & did, said our sympathetic replies with what seemed to me to be real. After which trade chat became a ‘bummer’ and everyone went back to the un-reality of WoW. I logged off shortly after.

I, unlike some other personal blogs tend to just ramble on like above and most posts– something like 90% don’t have actual reasons or lessons. I’m not that self indulgent to think my advice is needed nor listened to. I’m amazed at some prolific bloggers who are so wrapped up within their own little blogger world that they actually think their posts and opinions are legit and followed. I just post to get things out and my goal is not to prompt you the reader to post back. I don’t do this to make a social network of friends whom arent’ really friends but people that are similar in need of ‘friends’. It’s just for show for them.

See..I’ve no point once again.


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  1. Sam

    Awesome post Wook, I would “answer back” that sometimes the vagaries of tradechat provide a needed distraction. Embracing and participating in the cacophony allows a time to release from serious daily cares. With WoW I’m sure the channel quickly resumed once more it’s sophomoric diatribe, but it’s good to know that the multitude can empathize and even show a modicum of respect.

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