Comic Book Friday: Lone Wolf and Cub

Lone Wolf and Cub should go down in history as a modern classic of graphic novels. This one definitely falls OUT of the category of ‘comic book’ and over to ‘graphic novels’ much like SIN City, 300, The Watchmen.

It’s a basic story line of revenge and redemption along the way. It’s not typical in the presentation with stark storyboards, uses of black and white that became an art in itself. Full History is here. It’s commerical inspiration ranges from my beloved Frank Miller to Directors of “Road to Perdition”.

I came to know LWC by it’s original format in single issues back in the 80’s.(late). I was able to collect the first 12 issues but my interest in Comics waned (see Marriage & Kids). It’s current form is in Manga books that retail for $9.95 and include about 4-5 issues. You can also pick them up at re-sale book stores like HALF PRICE BOOKS and even the local library has them to check out. There are 28 volumes of the Manga– I have 4. At $10.00 a shot I don’t have the inclination to spend 200.00 on the complete set. I like to ‘grow’ my collections though when I do come across the originals I pick them up.

I won’t tell the story but it’s an epic adventure. If you are fan of any type of epic’s this is one to not pass up. You can even find the movies and TV runs if you do get into it.

Lone Wolf and Cub #1 - Comic Book Cover

1st Issue Comic Book version

Lone Wolf and Cub #1 - Comic Book Cover

Manga Cover 1st Edition

Lone Wolf and Cub #16 - Comic Book Cover

Depicts what "Lone Wolf" had to do to the bodies as the executioner of the Shogunate in practice.

Lone Wolf and Cub #18 - Comic Book Cover


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