Star Wars Galaxies Take 5

This would will is my 5th time re-upping subscription to SWG. This time around I plan on going the resource gathering route to fill my coffers of credits. It’s augmented by my love for the TCG and it’s ingame loot. I was able to participate in 2 online weekend tournaments where a swiss round of 7 occurred. Knowing my decks suck atm, I mainly went there for the loot card that one gets simply for showing up* (*see World of Warcraft). I went 0-4 then dropped and claimed my card which ended up being Han Solo. =)

The next afternoon same thing but decided to drop after the 2nd round. Wife got off work early!! *smile*  This round I decided to get the Emperor Palpatine card. I don’t have much in the way of deck building but I’m learning. The basics are you build a 50 min card deck- having the following requisites: 4 quest cards, 1 avatar and the rest can be any combo of Units (like a Vader), Ability (think “Heal”) and items (think weapons/armor). You can win 3 ways* kill the avatar life points from usually 10-15 down to zero. Finish 4 quests before oppponent does. *If in a tournament you are on a 15 min chess clock– if clock goes to zero you lose.

All sorts of combos exist. I’ll get there. It’s very fun once you get the hang of it.

My Motive Oper- last times around was money and friends. Friends I have. Money I have. I have less money or ‘credits’ since I bought and sold some ingame items for real cash. *going towards my summer fun Fund.*

I can craft with the best of them but my patience for doing crafting with uber items would be too time consuming. The server has it’s share of top producers of weapons, food, armor, bio-engineering as well as my niche ‘architect’. I will craft mainly for my need. I have current open toons that can do all of the above well but not ‘capped’*  Capped meaning the top stats one can get at the maximum rate the server allows. One very interesting aspect of SWG is that each resource which is; Steel, Copper, Iron, Ore, Gemstone, Meat, Bone, Skin, Milk, Egg, Power ‘spawns’ once or twice a week of any given resource depending on Planet. Once the resource goes away it NEVER comes back. So with that one has to know when it spawned and get the maximum pull rate from the spawn.

An example of this is a type of Steel that spawned last week. It’s stats are ideal for Shipwrights (people who make space ships like the Millenium Falcon). It’s quality is in the 980 range with comparable off stats– max being 1000.

I got wind of this before it was publicized on the forums and websites that ‘announce’ a spawn worth announcing. I slapped down over 10 Elite and 40 non-elite ‘harvesters’ and have around 2.9 million units ready to be sold for around 20-25 CPU (Credit per unit).

That’s what I’m doing in a nutshell. My off time is farming the materials like leather, bone and skin with my Dark Jedi Knight “Excalibur”. He is the most apt at mowing down Rebels and Rancor alike.

I’ve not done any world PvP as that would be laughable. Like. Very. Seems like the class of “Commando” are able to dispatch Jedi with relative ease as well as the “Spy” profession…then again…I really don’t know at this point in the game. =)

My ingame city is coming along  nicely! Got to level 2 this weekend with the help of no one. Just old accounts. lol

I’ll post screens this week.


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