WhereYaBeen? And Obama Nation!

Been awhile since mah last post. I’ve been enthralled with SWG once again. Sandboxing in my little level 3 town on Lok, harvesting resources, building up my city, selling things, trading things. Going to start making pets end of week I think.

I was able to trade/sell/negotiate for some cool ingame buildings like the Jedi Meditation Temple, V.I.P Bunker, Cafe and got the Rebel Spire free by a chance pack. All of which retails for around $600.00   – I sold the Hangar for $275.00 and selling other TCG loot as well.

I have logged into WoW as well– lest it not be forgotten. Wootbeer account is retired to the next expansion but my current account has everything covered with heals, tanks, dps so it’s all good. Maji has been grinding down those high end achievements like nobody’s bidness– this guys’a MACHINE. Lore Master across the board.

That’s some serious shit there folks.


So Obama got the whittle’d down version of the Healthcare passed eh? I wonder what this means to a man like me? I’m gainfully employed, have company Healthcare via a big name corporation PPO/HMO. What now? Do my taxes go up? What about the free loaders we already have like the illegal aliens, the welfare mother with 9 kids of 6 different fathers who has no reason to work? Already fitting the bill for those so what impact is this going to be?

My view on healthcare is this– take care of the young and elderly. If your able bodied then you should not have your healthcare for free. Able bodied is a relative term I know but when you offer something for nothing the easiest course of lazy people is to simply take it. This subject is much too deep for me to go into let alone refute anyone and their own points and opinions. I just want things to be simple and fair.

Let’s do a recap of Obama’s Administration and my views before he was elected in that I felt he was a neo-socialist. Neo socialism is a new form of old school socialism and socialized projects. Ideally it’s the same under a different guise. Let’s see what our US Government has done–

Bailed out the Banking and Mortgage Companies– essentially OWNING them. Result– the government has socialized Banking. Check.

Took over GM and forced it’s President out of and off of it’s own board. *See Hugo Chavez….. GM = Government Motors

Finally– Healthcare: As of lastnight the government is in the Healthcare Business. If you don’t want it and don’t need coverage no matter. Pay a fine for not joining. Brilliant.****

So…Transportation, Commerce and Healthcare all wholly owned by the US of A.

I will predict our local schools will be next once the failed school systems are bankrupt and need ‘help’. Followed by the Communications companies: AT&T, Sprint, etc. just takes a few months of rough markets and they will be next….


****I still am out of total judgement on Healthcare. As I mentioned before there are too many things I simply don’t know about as no one has gave the public a clear and concise explanation of what’s going to happen.

**** On that note I’m still out on Obama. He’s a odd fellow with his recent decisions on both left and right sided agenda’s. He’s simply a politician, though I’m glad the honeymoon is over for him and his followers.

OK that’s enough politico talk.


My Jayhawks sucked a big fat wookiee cock on Saturday. It’s a long time coming and though I love the Blue, you could just see the team wasn’t coming ALIVE. I sat there in my chair after the time expired and felt a gush of disappointment. I went downstairs to the wife as she cooked barefoot and not-pregnant and told her the shocking news…she gave me the obligatory ‘awww that sucks’ then moved on back to cooking 45 meals. She’s awesome. SO I go back up and watch the faces of University of Northern Iowa and their happiness and realize that the gushing feeling of disappointment waned.

Hawks deserved to lose. They lost to a more hungry team. Plain and simple. Much like Rocky vs. Clubber Lane (Mr. T) in Rocky III. The Hawks got covers on ESPN and S.I. and special editions all year long. They got used to winning. Their hunger was lost.

It didn’t help that they pressed with 48 seconds to go leaving alone Mr. 3 pointer WIDE and ALONE on the opposite side of the floor. The guy missed ONE 3 pointer all day. He was the reason it wasn’t a blow out. You (the Coach) decided to Press…..broken presses mean instant score. At the very least you have ONE KU player waiting BACK on the 3 point line to do a prevent defense. That 3 pointer done did them in.


So now my attention span for the NCAA tournament is reduced to Baylor. Fuck K-State. If one thought they were cocky for having a mediocre football team I can’t wait to hear the shit they talk about their basketball team…..granted if they win it all I will give them my proper sports fan respect and they do have an awesome 2-man guard duo– but just the thought of HEARING their fans talk about how great they are gets me lotsa eye exercise. (rollin my eyes). The local radio media (810 Sports and Kevin K) are reveling in this outcome. KU kills K-State regular and Big 12 but loses in 2nd round while they go to Houston. Irony and payback is a bitch.

I don’t have any love for the rest of the teams. I think Syracuse will go on to win it all.


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