Ahh the semi-warm breezes, the non-freezing my ass off when I take my son to school an hour early so he can learn algebra and not fail time is upon me/us. For the hordes of followers of this blog I give you my health update.Pierre-Auguste Cot (Pierre Auguste Cot)

I’m still losing it. And not. I’m exercising more, more trips to the gym, why last week alone was 3 visits which included a ‘walk’. This week has been a jaunt to our local stores where normally we’d hop in the car and go– we walk to Price Chopper, Blockbuster and Wal-Mart. The weather has been fantastic in Overland Park lately *knock on wood* so I’m more outside. Sorta. lol

I’m hovering around 235 but my legs are more tone, chest and arms too– I do 50 pushups a day, 3 flights UP at work stairs and am still eating healthy but it seems my rapid loss is now grinding. I chalk it up to late night eating and weird  cravings for chocolate. >.>

As science says, muscle weighs more than fat so I think I need to do more cardio. The treadmill I tend to run 1.5 or so– more jogging then ever thanks to this gradual buildup of stamina. I’m not all 5k and marathons like my friend Sam is but I’m better and have more energy. My back, which is among the top reasons for weight loss is stronger than ever with my focused training when on the machines at the gym- averaging 4 reps of 20- 3 machines designed for lower back. My true test comes in a month or so when I travel to D.C. for business where I tend to get back spasms at the end of the set up of our booth.  I hire workers but it’s hard for me to NOT help.

My gaming time in WoW is curbtailed to maybe 3-4 times a week at maybe 2 hours max. I don’t see the point of essentially playing a console game built for kids with the same content. I love WoW but at this point it’s just  boring. Ohh..a badge. Ooohh we cleared ICC. yay. Give me new things to DO, new profs, new things to see and explore. 5 years of WoW is a long time MMO-wise. I laugh when I see people posting about how far their alliance or horde guild has progressed in today’s set up. Where’s the challenge? The struggle? The goals for achievement that means something? When someone can go from a gear score rating of 2k to over 5k in a week….well…that says alot about the state of the game. Hell, WOokieluv got all the tier non-special Hunter set in 2 weeks and that was part time. My poodle could do that.

In the end it’s all relative. I’m sure it’s hella fun for some.

I’m sure once the expansion comes out I’ll be playing 15-20 hrs a week again. Til then I’ll log in, try a raid, do my cd’s, say hi to my boys and girls….just needs something NEW to the game.

Star Wars Galaxies is ramping up for me. My city went down one level because I forgot to claim a residence when I moved the cantina. lol  I’m making slow credits til I find my niche. Working on Droid Engineering sub components and selling resources/loot. Making several signatures for players at 5 million ea. Got several long term trades going. Fun for now….

I say now because I’m still focused on losing weight. I love feeling more alive. Seeing both sides of the gaming coin– people who game tend to be fat. I am one. Sitting in front of the computer at work for 6-7 hours then gaming from 6-mid night isn’t something your body needs. It needs to MOVE. Not just to the fridge but OUT the door, MOVING. Life’s way to short to sit there like a zombie mashing buttons. The flip side being I KNOW how it feels to LOVE to SIT there with your ‘online’ friends and simply being taken away to another world. Escaping one’s own life for another less stressful. I get that. I just think gamers need to balance it out. Social, physical and mental balance is the goal of most people I think. It certainly is mine.

I’m taking personal responsibility for my health, especially since Obama fucked us over with the healthcare. LOL. Not really, I’m doing it for me and my family. In the mean time it’s also given me time spent with my kids. I include them on walks and jogging. I take my son with me to the gym since he decided to not do track this year. He runs around the upper deck track while I lift. Brings us closer and gives us face time. I’m truly blessed on having a family, son and daughter.

I know the time is fast approaching where my kids will be out the door and on their own (so to speak) and spending time with them — ANYTIME is something to be treasured. It all sounds cliche but time is flying by fast and I don’t ever want to regret NOT spending time with them. I’m anti- “Cat In The Cradle” . =D

This long ass post which went in 5 directions was brought to you by Dunkin Donuts and the letter “F” for FAT. Thanks for reading.


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