TKC Women Part 2. God Bless America!

This is my 2nd installment paying homage to another less recognized blogger ‘TonyofKansasCity’ and his similar tastes in women pictorial. If you scroll down you’ll find the U.K. edition. He seems to like big boobie chicks from across the pond. I will always try and post SFW (safe for work) pic’s and keep the obligatory exploiting of women to a minimum. (lulz)

One thing I try NOT to do is take myself seriously. Others in the blogsphere, real life (blogging isn’t real after all– it’s just one ongoing front like you did when you were trying to get laid in the 1990’s while wearing your clothes from ‘The Merry-Go-Round’. You are not just your khaki’s but you are not yourself when you blog. Remember that.) pretend to be something their not.

Anywhoo. On with the hand picked (sloppy seconds since I’m perusing Tony’s blog of American Chicks). And yes, America IS the BEST COUNTRY in the WORLD! *wink*

First up is local TV Model-Spokesperson HOLLY STARR. These pix don’t do justice– she actually can talk! She interviewed my son last October at one of the down town Haunted Houses and said she ‘smelled great’….Just video google her. She’s almost as perky as my Poodle.

Rosario Dawson is frequently posted too– I can see why. She’s a great actress, has the right tude and is simply stunning. Nice choice Tony.

Model Marisa Miller is….umm…yeah…and prolly my favorite shot on the proper use of an iPod.

Last but not least– Penny Mathis which happens to be another ‘chick’ I never knew existed til Tony posted it up on his blog. Thanks Tony.



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2 responses to “TKC Women Part 2. God Bless America!

  1. nuke

    Thanks Wook, I loooove Rosario Dawson! She hits the trifecta of smoking hot, funnier than shit, and smart as hell.

  2. Yeah Rosario is very talented.

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