Get Teh F Out!

My fellow gamers. Get the fuck out of your house, apartment, mom’s basement, dorm room and get outside! You need to get some sun shining down on your face. Go for a walk with your wife/so. Spend some time off line and smell the air. Take deep breathes in through the nose and exhale out the mouth.

Do some much needed yard work. Clean your car by hand. Talk to your neighbors. Go for a jog or play a sport.

Get off your cottage cheese ass and MOVE.

It’s Spring time! Enjoy life the way it needs to be enjoyed, – outside.  It’s not too cold or too hot right now (least in KC) and soon it’ll bee TOO hot to be outside unless your swimming or naked.

I don’t wanna see you naked.

A friend of mine has been playing excessively online. He logs in as soon as he gets home from work – which he doesn’t like by the way but has to keep appearances up that he’s a valued and needed worker- and logs out around midnight. I told him to not burn out. He has a wife, no kids so he does have some selfish time to spend, and of all people I know about excessive gaming.

Just recently though (since Nov) with my re-views on what I SHOULD be doing with my life it’s slowly, progressively gotten better. As I post about once a month, I’m on a regular exercise regimen, eating relatively healthy and DOING things. I am gaming less but spending more time with my family, including our 3 shit machines (dogs). Last week we went to the dog park and never seen them be so happy, they were FREE* to run around without leashes, without me or Alo yelling at them to stop. They were reluctant at first but when they all realized there was nothing holding them back they just took off running. Even the fat one.

They were all smiles, tongues flapping everywhere, seeing other dogs they did the sniffing butt greeting then off they went again in full sprints. It was fantastic. Alo and I were amazed at how spry they are/were. They pretty much are kept inside all day unless we take them out, we don’t have a fence for them to play in. They ‘are’ house dogs- least their sizes are: miniature poodle, pomeranian and a schnauser.

I related to their happiness and freedom with my own re-evaluation of being healthier. I do feel more spry. I can’t sprint but I can endure much more. My tongue does stick out from time to time. I also am wanting to show my kids that an active parent is something they should see themselves doing when they’re parents.

Don’t get me wrong, I still game and do spend copious amounts of time online but I do so now with a goal of balance. I logged in for 1 hour lastnight. Spent 2 hours in the gym, took my son with me and my wife. We had a nice baked chicken salad after and talked / watched TV.


So, my friend who games to much- get your legs and arms working in proper order. Not just mashing the keyboard buttons and your mouth for speaking in Vent. The goals of your gaming arent’ on a timer, they’ll still be there when you get back from breathing fresh air and pumping some blood into your heart (at a faster rate). Something as simple as a walk around the block will do wonders. Trust me.


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One response to “Get Teh F Out!

  1. Sam

    “Something as simple as a walk around the block will do wonders. Trust me.” And you never know where it will take you from there! 100% agreement from concentrate Wook!

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