What-a-week. My love loses a resident who meant a lot to her, a co-worker of mine also left this world way too early (she was in her 20’s), a close gamer friend was struck by a car a couple days ago and is pretty much ‘broken’ with years of rehab infront of him. All this week.

I feel very lucky to be alive on this blue earth of ours, while it’s all relative – I love being here. This smattering of time we have and in the bigger picture without getting too deep we are all just specs in a vast ‘world’/’universe’.

I have to say ‘relative’ because life is very much self absorbed. Not in a selfish way but unless you have a gift of empathy on a larger scale  then things that happen outside your ‘world’ don’t matter as much if they happened to you or your family & friends. This disconnect seems to be something growing year by year and it’s not just my cynicism. I see it on a day to day basis in my ‘golden ghetto’ where neighbors rarely talk with eachother or even know eachother’s names. As a child of the 70’s and 80’s things seemed much more friendlier. Less dangerous. Less random. Now, it’s touch and go with things around you.

Race, religion, politics, sexual preferences, who was kicked off Dancing With The Stars seem to be the only thing the mainstream talks about. There is much more (to me) than these topics which all are points of being dividing. Yet, we like to focus on the negatives of life vs. the good things like family, children, a smile, an acknowledgment of being. I try to do the good things as much as I can. My pride and impatience do get in the way but I’m trying. Despite what Yoda says there is such a thing called “Try”.

I don’t blame it on technology, families with divorce, single parents, ruling party or local government. I don’t blame anyone or entity. I have no clue why society – not all  but some – here in good ol’ USA is like this.

I stop and smell my roses every day.

My good deed today was giving a homeless man $6.00 cash – as I was downtown doing some work for my company and he wasn’t holding a sign or anything, just woddling along looking for cans/recyclables. I whistled, he slowly looked over and I flashed the cash. He took it and said ‘God Bless you, sir’. I replied, no problem- I’d give more but the KS Gov fucked me on taxes last week’. He grinned, the light turned green so I motored on. I really did get fucked by KS this week. I filed for an extension because I owe, sent me taxes in (TurboTax) but they (KS) decided to debit me anyways without my approval. Low and behold I check my account earlier this week and see a nice chunk taken out. It was painful. I had mushroom ear from being on the phone a lot this week.

I’d love to teabag the jerk-wod who pushed the ‘debit’ button on me in Topeka.

Anywhoo. Happy Friday. Count your blessings, loved ones, call your friends just to say hello and always leave on a good note.


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