Consumption Saturday in OP

Saturday started early (for us) with our local hood having a neighborhood garage sale. They have this 2-3 times a year and since we’re not on the board of homeowners we always find out by the small sign they have posted at the entrances of our subdivision. I love garage sales…but I have to be in the mood. Sat I was in the mood. We got going around 8 am and hit a bakers dozen + and along they way I got an armband nano for my working out, but find out later it’s the wrong size. I bought my daughter a little statue figurine, but alix dropped it just after we bought it, a padlock for the gym, small clock radio – despite everything the iPhone 3G- it doesn’t have the capability of playing local radio, at least in KC area.


Alo picks up bags of clothes, purses, nick-nacks in the following 3 hours. Our plan was to do GS then head to the OP Farmers Market but then it starts to rain, we go anyways. Not sure why we thought they’d have veggies & fruits but they didn’t. As if they – the farmers were on a different harvesting schedule than the rest of the world. They had planters, herbs and flowers. And I had the perfect parking spot.

We decided to do a ‘Taste of OP’ as our stomachs were getting grumbly having only Dunkin Donuts in them. First stop was Jose Peppers off of Metcalf and 103rd. They recently changed their Espinaca Dip pricing to be FREE with the order of any Entree or 99 cents on certain days or 3.99. No coupons needed. I’m guessing this was their marketing way of getting back at Mi Ranchito taking all their biz. Our blondie waitiress sat us right next to the bathrooms which was FAWESOME and I let her know how FAWESOME  it is sitting next to the shitters in a Quasi Mexican Eatery. Her reply was along the lines of “At least your also near the Kitchen smells!”.


I also noticed that Jose employs white kids vs. Mi Ranchito’s near exclusivity of hiring Mexicans or tanned employees. I prefer Mi Ranchito tanned employees over the post high school white kids as they kids seem un-caring, un-appreciative of our monies. We tend to love the Mi Ranchito near our home off of 151st & Antioch. They always are smiling, engaging us in conversation, they’ll flip the channel from Futbol to whatever I want without so much a nostril flare.

Digress again.

The Espinaca dip was wonderful. It’s lighter and more peppery than Mi but the chips aren’t as good. The red salsa was equal but seemed a bit more lemony. We chowed down our 1.5 bowls of chips, talked of the differences and left a 2.00 tip on a 5.00 bill.

We almost headed to Jack Stack but we were aiming for NEW. Granted Jose wasnt’ new but who can pass white cheese dip…?  It was now pouring, but it didn’t deter us. I headed toward Misery (Mizzou) stateline and decided to take Alo to the EBT establishment right one Stateline & 435. I see 2 older couples coming out the side door, so I thought it has to be open. Wrong. They didn’t open til 5 pm. It was 1. The older couples were ‘special’ guests. I haven’t eaten at EBT for at least 12 years but I do recall it being very good.

Since we were close to Jaspers, we headed there. I’ve read reviews and seen the owners chubby blush faced cheeks all over in local publications and we both love Italian food. We walked into the Jaspers door when we realized it was the Marco Polo we needed to eat at. Jaspers was closed. It’s basically one and the same. We saw the Spinach Salad with Gargonzolla cheese with Tuscan dressing special and loved it. It had a nice subtle blend of oils, the cheese was generous and the spinach was…spinach. You can’t really fuck up Spinach unless it’s old. Perusing the deli window Alix got some future dish ideas. The smells in the deli were delish. Good ‘taste’ stop.

We headed across the street to what we thought was an outdoor farmers market but was only Price Chopper disguised as a mom-pop market. We were suckers but didn’t buy anything. The clue was the Price Chopper bags and the produce looked TOO good.

The rest of the day took us to various grocery stores: Price Chopper, Wal-Mart, ALDI and one of my fav is the 888 Market– it’s all Asian, All the time. They happen to have the citys best prices on meat, specifically chicken. Alo got her normal 5 lbs of chicken boobs and I got my normal Japanese Gummi Muskat candies. (Apple). MMMMMm good.

Later in the evening we head back to Wal-Mart having been there 12 hours ago, my eyes were getting heavy from the lights of grocery stores. I noticed how much we USA peeps consume. How much we have at our disposal. It’s amazing. Simply. As I pushed the cart along my wife grabbing items left and right I felt a little sick of buying things. I wanted to crawl up to my computer and kill Naga’s. I wanted to stop being a consumer of food purchases and go heal a random 14 year old.

I was tired.

Alo, was invigorated. She makes us (the family) these predesigned meals. She buys bulk, cooks em, labels em, freezes em. We then will eat em up for the next 2 weeks. It saves us lots o cash and time. She cooked from 730-midnight.

I was lying in bed when she came up…having taste tested 3 of her creations my tummy and mind was going into food coma.

It was a good day.

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