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It’s going…

It’s been over 5 weeks since my ankle went “BOOM” and it’s slowly getting better. Better in that I can put pressure on it. The wound itself ‘looks’ better besides what seemed to be a small tear which I have no clue how/when it happened. I’ll post a pix later.

For the most part this still sucks. It numbs up after being ‘down’ and not elevated (above my heart) at work since my desk isn’t set up and pretty much can’t be set up to elevate it. It gets weekly bruises from my boot which…should be re-designed in my opinion. While the strong support of the ankle not moving is great it does NOTHING in the way of comfort and is the reason for the bruising.

Last Friday thou I visited the Rehab center and will start in 2 weeks. I am doing my own rehab at home with my wifes tutoring. I do 4 simple (would seem simple..) – I turn my ankle in circles clockwise and counter 10 times each X 3. I lift my foot to my toes and heel 10 x or 30 seconds, wiggle toes all day/night long and will walk on it with crutches for the movement. My left (good) leg is getting stronger by the week and it noticeably more muscular and sure. My bad leg looks something like the Avatar Skit. Just not as bad…

Mainly it’s the inability to ‘carry’ things and drive that gets to me. The docs say I can’t drive for 3 months (1.5 now) and it is nearly impossible for me to carry things in my arms/hands since the crutches take that up. I can carry plastic cups in my mouth, food items…my mouth is becoming very useful (no homo). I also have adapted to going up and down stairs with only 1/2 dozen ‘falls’ from the crutches or my balance giving way. Luckily *knock on wood* I haven’t injured myself from the falls *yet*.

Friday last week we saw TOOL at the SprintCenter which the concert itself was amazing and among the best I’ve seen– it was a bitch to get to the suite *ya poor me* and back to the van afterwards. The crowds for the most part did move when they saw me but a few asshats simply looked at me and wanted me to go around them. *shakes fist* Alix noticed this and became my front (man) and pushed her way through for me so I wouldn’t have to navigate around the sea of people in black and tattoo’s. It took a good 10 mins to go one block. Mainly my underarms and ankles hurt the most. I am collectively moving 230 lbs with them….yes I have lost more weight….tho I can’t count it since it was basically my muscle mass in my legs…lol.


In WoW news– and this blog– I’ve added a good amount of links to the left of this post. Added ‘Artists’ I admire from the genre of fantasy art, they include Magic the Gathering, WoW TCG, Novels, Traditional mediums and more.  Added WOW-Centric links to the pros and amateurs bloggers and a cool GUI for WoW link.

As for this week– I’m trying out a new server with some friends – made a DK (ugh) to test the waters and see if a ‘Normal’ Medium sized server is a good fit. Doing dailies with the OS and helping others as we had a good 5 new members join in the past week. With the new Cata coming out– a medium sized guild will be very beneficial to be in or in my case, make. They’ve added guild rep and granted items and ‘stuff’ for guilds that play and achieve ‘together’. GENIUS or MAD? Well see.  I can imagine a LOT of guild hopping initially then the guilds with a good core will stop recruiting unless your resume is up to their spec…which in turn will turn OFF a lot of players who play casually or simply don’t like to be measured based on gear/ap’s/skills. Personality and attitude will be 8th fiddle imo.

It’s hard to re-start a guild, let alone organize it with casual players since it’s a up hill battle to start. Motivation is limited by mood. While the current members will pretty much JOIN when asked none actually initiate. *shrug*

Salutations and please let me know what you’d like to see on this blog – good or bad or ideas.




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MidSummer Fire Festival Event : WoW

Midsummer is here! Starting at Midnight (this morning) is the annual event where one can get a choc full of achievements while harassing their opposing faction. Found a nice post HERE where she (Druid Love) describes in broad strokes what it’s all about including links to more detailed walk-throughs. It’s an ideal time to dust off your alts for quick and easy experience points and gold as well as a buff that provides a generous 10% buff on killing NPC’s for I think 2 hours. Just go to a Flight Path or City for the Pole dance. (no tipping allowed)

One of the dailies include Torch Tossing– they key here is to zoom max on your toon and look for the torch shadow on the ground. Everything is easy as pie including the boss fight. If you like to ‘collect’ things– then roll for the Staff Ahune drops, it’s a thing of beauty. Outdated yes but still great to look at and equip. Fight is pretty easy– just use common sense. Do this DAILY for a chance at the pet which is a little ‘captured flame‘  and flame pet (so very cute)- a must have for collectors (like me). NEW this year is a new pet — check it out!

Good Luck and Have fun!   The Old School guild will be running together all week. Sign up!

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My Dad.

This is among the most under-valued ‘holiday’ which isn’t so much a holiday but a day of thanking, appreciating and remembering your father and and some cases father figures. I am lucky to have lived to my upper 30’s and still have a father around to share my life with. There are soo many memories throughout the past 38.75 years – nearly all cherished. Even the bad memories have added to who I am today and will along the path of the life journey.

70's SCCA

My father was an intimidating figure in my early years from a toddler to early teen years. He’s short, dark and good looking (as far as my father can be.) He has a mustache and mole that looks like he’s straight outta a Starsky & Hutch episodes and his style has changed/rolled with the decades. In the 70’s he mostly spent time working as a ‘commercial artist’ as well as freelancing (sounds familiar)– coupled with his love for sports cars– specifically MG Midgets and the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). He would take me to nearly all his weekend races while my sister and mom did their own thing. He would kick ass at these events or push the lil car too much and DNF (Did Not Finish) due to him usually spinning out of control. hehe. I would watch every single race and inbetween his heats skateboard all around the concrete jungle racetracks. In the winter he was on a bowling league where he would take me every Tuesday night and hand me handfuls of quarters to perfect Centipede, Defender, Robotron, Pac-Man and tons of Pinball action. I’d come around every 30 mins or after spending what seemed to me at the time a copious amount of quarters– his Northern Natural Gas buddies talking with me, made me feel welcome. We’d ride home and I’d go on about what ‘girls’ phone numbers I got or high scores or maybe when I grow up I could be a professional pin-ball player.

Spring Texas 1989

As soon as I was older- 11-15 I was focused on not just girls but sports. My father taught me how to play and play very well in all types of sports: basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, softball, swimming– the whole gamut. Spirit of competition and winning was instilled at a young age– not like today where many kids leagues don’t even keep score (wtf is that about?). On nearly all of my sports my father coached the teams I was on..and I wasn’t the only one he worked with…my sister played a good 4 seasons playing softball and again, he took the time out of his life to coach and participate in our lives. He would sponsor traveling tournaments, buy us all medals or trophies for doing good. I took this lead and example today and attend all of my kid’s games as much as humanely possible. I missed 1 football game last year for my son and just 2 volleyball games of my daughter. Never missed a soccer game or baseball. I feel it in my bones that my children will appreciate things we/I do today– for their children as well.

My mother attended all my basketball and football games as well but she was a worry wart– as she was afraid I’d get hurt and I did from time to time. I think she was proud of my sporting events and willingness to get ‘out there’.

As I got older– we moved to Houston for my father’s job. As it is today with my own kids, there’ begins a communication separation. You see less of your parents and more of your friends. You don’t sit down at a dinner table anymore but raid the fridge. I got mobile with my 2 jobs in high school, my father’s career skyrocketed and income as well. Then– like life does…shit happened. Father loses his job, my college money evaporates– I was admitted and selected to attend the Ringling School of Art & Design that year. My father fell into a deep depression and our weekends were no longer filled with fun but intense pressure, blow ups, yelling, — basically anything you can imagine went wrong. Did.  I continued with my education- paying my way through a local community college, managing a video store and having my native american per capita was able to help  my parents out financially as they have helped me– spoiled me really- for years. I was glad I could help.

Eventually my father finds a job out of state– I grew so very close to my parents and felt their pain every night and day. The cliche of ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ had resonating sounds when it came to my relationship with my parents.

During those rough patches it was the first time I saw the chinks in my fathers armor. I think it’s inevitable for one’s children to ‘see’ this epiphany that the people they see as strong, stable and able to count on– not happen is essential for self growth and maturing. My father COULD do wrong. Could make mistakes. Could be unfair. Could show anger for unknown reasons. He finally became HUMAN to me. It was at this point that I decided to man up myself — take more initiative with my own life and career. I finished up my college years and with the moral support of my father and mother – long distance I was able to grow up in my own right.

A few years back with us losing my mother to cancer– I was able to be by her side for the week or so. The funeral. The feelings of despair my father felt and still feels today made an impression upon me where I know that life is so very short, fleeting and the time we all have with our parents, friends and family should truly be treasured. I am very fortunate growing up with a father like mine.

I love you Dad. Hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day!

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Trolls Need Food

Hate is a learned trait, yes? I’m of the belief that for the most part hate is dervived from personal experience and handed down. Handed down through family, friends and environment. I grew up a quasi-minority. Meaning, while I’m native american I am also white. Half breed. I wasn’t subjected to the type of racism blacks were/are/will be as well as any other race other than white. I do believe in reverse racism and that to me is laughable, at best.

While I don’t plan on blogging about race I wanted to preface my own personal racism – with personal experience. I don’t actually hate races rather individuals and those I can count on one hand. Yes, some races continually reinforce the stereotypes….meh.

No, I’m talking about the need in gaming hate– to make fun of, ridicule, bully, antagonize (lol) others– usually for the pure reason of self pleasure (ha). We recently made a post of the WoW forums, a recruitment thread looking for new members to join us. I already knew the odds of trolls posting to it were high and also knew trolls will use anonymous toons to post therein. The face value of ridicule is worth zero in the terms of having anything of value since they negated they’re own basis when posting without saying who they are. Cowardice comes to mind.

Throughout my years on the net, forums, etc. my style has changed to be much more mature and I try not to feed the trolls. They only exist to provoke a reaction (irony?) and feeding said trolls only embolden them to post more and boom! you are talking/arguing with idiots which in turn makes you an idiot. Tony of Kansas City rarely bites the offers on his blog but will post generalized statements. Talk about having ‘haters’…he’s a gem and a piece of shit – in a sense of drawing troll flys to shit. lol  He – it seems- is able to take their hate and make them love him more– kinda like Howard Stern.

Anywhoo– my point is to try and understand the goals of trolls. Is it to simply see what reactions one can get when they ridicule others? What motivates haters? Is it attention? Lack of breast milk as a baby? Lack of getting real life pussy? My guess is alot of it has to do with being picked on pre-internet. They were picked on in school, college, at work, by there spouses or girlfriends. They have wives who own them. They were the fat or skinny kids in school and were beat up for their proverbial lunch money. I know of ‘guys’ like that who cyber bully even to this day. Hiding behind the computer is likened to a paper tiger in a fireworks stand with freshly released pyros. Well..maybe that’s a bad analogy. They were pussies in school and continue to be on the net. I have zero respect for those individuals. Battle of leet speak is nothing compared to the Death Star. Come’on trolls…work on better content if you wanna roll down the road of mental wars.

Just a rant.


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Meds and Mayhem

After taking Hydrocodone now for 4 weeks, I’m not addicted to it but am self-aware that my body is ‘needing’ it. So, in the times of me having the bad habit of smoking and having quit coming up on 4 years this Sept. I am taking the ‘pain’ by lengthening the dosage. Normal for me is every 4 hours (1 cap) as needed for pain. I got really sick on my 2nd dosage but after  just get the residuals of cold sweats and drowsiness.

More recently I’ve gone 9, and 7.5 hours in between dosages as to ween myself off as much as I can without being too uncomfortable. I have more of a ‘gaming’ addictive personality not so much drugs or alcohol. Which, apparently is a good thing.

It does make a very restful sleep when in the 2nd hour. The only other regular medicine I take is a pre-diabetes pill to help with processing sugars post eating and some Rogaine for my hair. Other than that I’m ‘clean’. I seriously want to keep my hair and it DOES WORK. I’m, at heart a deep cynic and usually need ‘proof’ positive for me to believe in things (cept God). Well, if your losing your hair and believe what I say to be the truth then try it. =D

SWG related, I’ve logged in at least twice a week to check sales, harvesters and the Loot card game. My lil “WookieLuv” township is still up and running, the forums are still a blast. However, with the recent influx of peeps in my guild my play time in WoW shot up a lot. Helps that I’m gimpy.

I read that BoondockSiants took down the Lich King then subsequently read that I ‘stalk’ Juan (Logtar) as much as his ex wife or girlfriends. I chuckled. Congrats to what looked like an all non- original former OS to BDS 10 man– I only saw Froto and Yooologos on the roster. I’m sure Moon and Co will be able to kill the Lich King soon. Sounds like they have their shit together. Kudos to getting content ! Miss you Moon!

We hope to ramp up with regular runs soon. Should be good times.

This weekend looks like a HOT on in KC and tons to do. I think we’ll catch the ‘A-Team” flick this weekend and do some cookout BBQ and shit. I love the Summer, just wish I was able to walk. lol


I love the bandwagoneers I saw on Facebook when the Chicago Blackhawks won….looking very forward in the coming weeks to the World Cup. Spain will win it all btw.  My beloved Huskers are now in the BIG 10????  I have no idea how all this transpired except it derived from MONEY as most things do. Should be a very FUN Football Season!

– Salute!


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If you want to do it yourself go for it.

If you want your kids to do it, ask nicely.

I ask nicely.

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El Forums and OWW.

Trips put together our guild forums located here FORUMS. Sign up and post — we will both be directing members to the forums in the coming weeks.  It’s like starting all over again for some of us…well most of us since they (Trip & Adyle) took a hiatus a while ago and with my starting ‘up’ again – things just take time.


Yesterday was my first visit to the doc post surgery. Apparently my suches looked good and they took out every other. See pics below. Despite what the medical pro’s say when something ‘won’t hurt’ — it’s pretty much a lie. You know when they say that it WILL hurt. So I lay there on the little uncomfortable bed with my wife and daughter in the same room – trying not to curse as the guy snipped and pulled out the things. It stung like a wasp sting with some ‘pulling’. Sweat beading on my forehead and brow. Slipping down the side of my face onto the throw-away paper cover, it was something to experience.

Looks like I’ll be visiting in a bout a month where they’ll take the rest of the suctchers out and my boot can be adjusted for movement. All in all- I’m ahead of schedule for recovery which is great with the upcoming San Diego and Orlando trips!

Achilles tendon repair

Achilles tendon tear angle alternate

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