No Country for Old Men

My journey of good and better health started in Nov 2009. Right before Thanksgiving. I had just got back from Atlantic City and from being sick on the way to one of my favorite sin cities – having the worst possible flight ever I had a stomach flu. My weight was beyond obese and my back was aching. Yada yada. Yada. Since then I work out, take stairs vs. elevators, eat more salads, better foods and thinking before eating. Wife and work out or with my kids on a weekly basis the whole 9-10 yards.

I’ve posted that being fat is dumb. – preface as I’ve done before – if you have inherited issues like bad gene pool or some health anomoly then there isn’t much you can do about it in the first place so my name calling of fat people being dumb isn’t for the rare select unlucky morbidly fat can’t help it people. This isn’t another one of my anti-fat posts either. It’s simply me saying be careful.

A couple weekends ago I went and played some mid morning Softball through our Corp. Challenge. This was to be my last sport to play in– having played in: Volleyball, Darts, Horseshoes, 1 mile walk, etc. By mid afternoon I was in a Olathe urgent care having x-rays. It was my 3rd at bat when I smacked the ball into the left field and as I turned to run to 1st base heard this loud POP! sound in my ankle. I didn’t make it but one step when I fell to the ground then rolled onto my back. Something bad just happened. I thought it was a broken ankle but when my vision cleared among the dust billowing up I saw no distortion to my beautiful legs or ankle. Something DID happen though.

Our team had to forefit since we were at the min. coed roster level of 4 and 4. I felt bad for letting the team down..but only for 10 mins.

Xray showed no break but I needed to see a Ortho specialist and get an MRI. ($$$$). So we did a few days later and sure enough I tore my achilles tendon in half. Tendons are like rubber bands– the achilles one goes from your knee all the way down and toward your front toes. When the snap or burst they actually do – do what rubber bands do they snap back. Mine was luckily only 2mm apart. — so says the G.E. MRI machine that knocks about loudly for 30 mins. Thing’s a beast. I want one.

So for the next 5-6 months I will not be able to walk on my own. I’ll have a splint/softcast in for weeks then my $300.00 BOOT for the remainder. What fun! Just in time for the summer!

My moral post of today is to simply be careful and listen to what your body tells you no matter how slight. Sit down. Stretch!!!! Stretch more and if you feel any pain — stop what your doing. My pride and competitive spirit got the best of me and now I’ll be paying the price(s) for months to come.

I do have to say I have the worlds’ greatest wife to take care of me. She’s sooooo attentive and caring I’m very blessed. She brings me lunch, gets up at 3 am to feed me my pain pills so were on schedule, she leaves me little snacks to eat so I don’t get hungry. She’s awesome!

While not looking forward to rehab- it will give me more reasons to keep fit, eat right and make the right choices down the road.




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3 responses to “No Country for Old Men

  1. Wookie,

    I have to say that your pics and posts about your Achilles tendon grossed me out (that’s my fault for being squeamish!), but they’re also extremely educational, for which I have to thank you.

    I wish you the best in your recovery and rehab. Who knows, perhaps you’ll come out of this stronger and in better shape than ever! Keep us up to date on how it all goes. 🙂

  2. Thanks Russ, it’s definitely a learning experience. Albeit a painful and expensive one. The odd thing being that I was already on the road to good health and fitness when it occurred…I blame a lot of it on my own pride and not knowing when to say when.

    • I suffered from inflamed Achilles tendons when I ran track in high school, but kept them iced and taped when they were bothering me, and generally didn’t have any problems. However, with that in mind, this is partially why your story resonates with me.

      Got your email. Not sure when I will be getting back into WoW, but I may dip my toes back into the waters at some point soon. Thanks for the invite to hang with you on Azshara – I may take you up on it!

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