Can this be?!?

*holds a bottle of water* (wishing it was beer)

*takes a swig* (still wishes it was a beer)

*clicks the log in button- signs in, authenticates*

*materializes in Dalaran*

*clicks the guild tab*

*see’s 10 people online*


*takes another swig*

*logs into Vent, it’s got 4 peeps chit chatting away, including brazillian accents*

Slowly, not so surely I made the decision to ramp up the Old School guild again, once more, why not. An old school friend has come back to WoW– we met in Mos Eisley years ago with the original crew of TnT/OS. When he left Azshara cpl years ago his guild which derived from OS was at the top of the proverbial WoW game. Fatal Wound was it’s name.

Funny how my original guild that was formed from ‘Flurry United’ spawned many other guilds by others with similar but different views on WoW let alone ideological ideals differentiating each other. I always and still do feel OS is the benign farm league for other guilds. Be it- The Elite Few, Boondoksaints, The Old School Academy and a couple others– they all had starts from OS. Not that I was a catalyst for migrations of greater guilds but moreover a link to others to gain friendships, long lasting or not (Ivanvonivan). I’ve done this in other gaming venues such as Magic the Gathering with my KC newsletter I designed and wrote and published as well as distributed to bring together people who otherwise would not. Yes, I’m that egotistical to claim the linking of people and their current and past friendships. I’m just not very good at maintaining them, personally. lol

Trippi/Skippi and his wife are back and with them are their friends (who they met thru OS) are coming back. They are raiders but with a new set of aspirations. They got a new vent, will be getting a forum soon and I’ll be helping along the social networks. Our goals are one and the same. Solid fun casual raiders of 10-20 peeps. As of today I will continue to lead the guild but letting the more knowledgable and willing participants take over the rest. I’m a figure head of the truest sense. I’m not your typical 2 faced pig leader who likes to talk about others off line then give hugs to them the next minute. lolz  No, I’m the same model of 5 years ago. Just a bit more wiser. Knowing full well that any progress, friendships can easily be dissolved in a new york minute. It’s the risk worth taking (again) for me since the Logtar takeover of last year. I simply didn’t care people would leave over me not being on the same page as a pussy/coward. *shrug*  The only shocking thing for me was who all left without so much as a wave good bye. Let alone waving ingame NOW. Silly kids and their games.

Alas things may turn out the same way again but it’s OK. I love playing a soon-to-be-console game that my friend’s 3 year old could master a warlock with in 3 weeks-game.

I’m still playing SWG, Starcraft 2 BETA when it’s not down for maintenance which has been a lot lately– but that’s Blizzard for you. Tweaking and improving.

Speaking of SC2  — by far the Protoss are superior in Beta– mainly for one reason- Void Rays and their mass attacks = fast kills. Being schooled over and over again it was clear that they will soon be nerfed– and they did lower it’s range by a couple meters– still when you have 10 VR’s attacking it’s pretty much a ‘GG’.  I  haven’t played as much Zerg lately — they always seem, ironically– alien to me to learn. I know they’re a good race 2nd only to Protoss but I just can’t get a handle on the play style.

*shrug again*

So– if you happen to be visiting this place randomly and are looking for some casual gaming with people who don’t backstab, lie, scam, cry, whine, scheme, then consider The Old School Guild on Azshara (Alliance). Were all just a bunch of older gents and ladies who wanna play the game.


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