I was Dreaming

With a bum ankle I’m prone to being stationary. Not that I can’t move around but imagine having one leg. Now imagine one leg with cumbersome quirky crutches of which you must press down all of your weight upon your hands. In my case all 230+ lbs.

Now do this daily. Now try and take a shower. I tried yesterday without help from my Doctor wife – she was working – but my daughter helped with towels, turning shower on, prepping the floor. I placed my leg in a glad bag tied it off with my leg anti-blood clot hose and gingerly stepped in. My daughter on the other side listening to make sure she was there incase the worst happened. It was only a 5 min shower but damn did it feel good. I had to bring the crutches inside the shower so I could not only get in but get out plus they needed a good washing.

The trouble started when I tried to get out. Everything is obviously wet and slippery. I placed the crutches properly on the towel but as I stepped out the right one gave way (it’s my right ankle that’s bad). Everything then became slow m    o   t   i    o      n.

I used my Jedi honed reflex’s to catch my right hand to the wall but as I did my right leg instinctively came down to stop me from slipping back upon my self – which could mean a slipped disc. (how pathetic am i???) As my foot came down my mind said ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!’ like Darth said when he found out Padme was dead.

My daughter heard the crash of the crutch on the floor but her own jedi senses knew I was butt nekkid and that wouldn’t be wise to see one’s dad in such a precarious sit. I told her ” I’m NOT OK but stay there” as she had yelled ‘YOU OK DAD!!:?!”

I didn’t hear a BANG or SNAP or LOUD something but I did feel pain.

I stood there on one leg and one crutch for 1 min solid trying to ascertain if I fucked it up again and what I should do. I have a daughter on the outside worried about me. I have my schlong dangling in the breeze along with my ankle in a GLAD bag tied with white hose. I was already mixing my sweat with my fresh water shower — water.

I made little tiny hops to the other towel..inching my way to the bathtub. It took a cpl mins but I managed to perch myself on the tub edge. Phew. Then covering my crotch and as much as possible I called in my AK. She glanced around the door then retreated as fast as a Zach Greinke pitch. I said “It’s OK!”

I had her throw me 2 more towels then I slowly dried myself off, took off the GLAD bag, all the while checking to make sure my ankle wasn’t torn again. It was numb so I have no clue. I got dressed an made it to the bed.

I swore 3 things as I lay in bed.

1. Have Alo help me.

2. Don’t ask your daughter to help when one can be seen naked- possibly in a very ugly situation.

3. Use rational thought.

Self destruction in the name of cleanliness is possibly next to godliness.

So…having spent the past 3 weeks pretty much in our bedroom I’ve managed to take a druid that sat dormant from a friends account to a full fledged 80. Her name is ‘Dreaming’.  She is a dual spec Tree (Heals) and Boomkin (DPS). I decided to go heals to simply level. I never waited more than 10 mins for the Q. I already have tons of XP in tanking but it’s too much responsibility for me right now to be a ‘Tank’ – as since Trippi is back — whom is prolly the servers formerly best Tank ever– I said fuggit.

Healing in Druid is hands down the best spec to do so. Anyone who has ever ran raids with Tree’s knows what I’m talking about. The only other healing class I’ve not played is Shaman- that’s next.!  Priests are more of a specific role in healing and certainly has BIG HEALS but overall is gimped by the mana to spell ratio and lack of decent HOTS (Heal over Time Spells). I’ve healed with my Paladin but again it’s more singular vs. wide range of effective spells for healing. I really think Priests have been handed the nerf stick when it comes to effective healing…..

So- my Druid is 80 and I immediately started heroics and garnered just over 100 Triump badges and handed it in for the 430 Helm.  Decided against a ‘set’ since it’s pretty jacked on stats like all other T-9’s. Piece meal is much better imo. I also tend to top charts even with a sub 3k GS (Gear Score) tho since the helm I think I’m like at 3010. My usual dps is around 2800-3200 depending on NPC’s and Tank. Boomkin are amazing at dishing it out and having a lowered threat built in..at least it seems built in. Maybe it’s my experience tanking, healing and DPS that allows me to garner high dps without taking aggro. *shrug*  Overall I’m very happy with the whole Druid class.

I do hope Blizzard opens up at least ONE slot when the expansion comes out since I don’t really want to delete to make room….


We added 2 new members to the guild this week, our forums are up and with Trip and his wife edging closer to 80 we will have a solid 5 man (& woman) group with Totem and Ugly being there as well. Majiman is back from his injury and Sam and his lone non-naked toon has been AVing it up too. Like ol times.



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2 responses to “I was Dreaming

  1. I found’d’d’dd yer blog!!!! Some nice reads on here. Thanks for the shout outs, great to be back!

  2. Woot! Going to add our forums to sidebar!

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