El Forums and OWW.

Trips put together our guild forums located here FORUMS. Sign up and post — we will both be directing members to the forums in the coming weeks.  It’s like starting all over again for some of us…well most of us since they (Trip & Adyle) took a hiatus a while ago and with my starting ‘up’ again – things just take time.


Yesterday was my first visit to the doc post surgery. Apparently my suches looked good and they took out every other. See pics below. Despite what the medical pro’s say when something ‘won’t hurt’ — it’s pretty much a lie. You know when they say that it WILL hurt. So I lay there on the little uncomfortable bed with my wife and daughter in the same room – trying not to curse as the guy snipped and pulled out the things. It stung like a wasp sting with some ‘pulling’. Sweat beading on my forehead and brow. Slipping down the side of my face onto the throw-away paper cover, it was something to experience.

Looks like I’ll be visiting in a bout a month where they’ll take the rest of the suctchers out and my boot can be adjusted for movement. All in all- I’m ahead of schedule for recovery which is great with the upcoming San Diego and Orlando trips!

Achilles tendon repair

Achilles tendon tear angle alternate


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