Meds and Mayhem

After taking Hydrocodone now for 4 weeks, I’m not addicted to it but am self-aware that my body is ‘needing’ it. So, in the times of me having the bad habit of smoking and having quit coming up on 4 years this Sept. I am taking the ‘pain’ by lengthening the dosage. Normal for me is every 4 hours (1 cap) as needed for pain. I got really sick on my 2nd dosage but after  just get the residuals of cold sweats and drowsiness.

More recently I’ve gone 9, and 7.5 hours in between dosages as to ween myself off as much as I can without being too uncomfortable. I have more of a ‘gaming’ addictive personality not so much drugs or alcohol. Which, apparently is a good thing.

It does make a very restful sleep when in the 2nd hour. The only other regular medicine I take is a pre-diabetes pill to help with processing sugars post eating and some Rogaine for my hair. Other than that I’m ‘clean’. I seriously want to keep my hair and it DOES WORK. I’m, at heart a deep cynic and usually need ‘proof’ positive for me to believe in things (cept God). Well, if your losing your hair and believe what I say to be the truth then try it. =D

SWG related, I’ve logged in at least twice a week to check sales, harvesters and the Loot card game. My lil “WookieLuv” township is still up and running, the forums are still a blast. However, with the recent influx of peeps in my guild my play time in WoW shot up a lot. Helps that I’m gimpy.

I read that BoondockSiants took down the Lich King then subsequently read that I ‘stalk’ Juan (Logtar) as much as his ex wife or girlfriends. I chuckled. Congrats to what looked like an all non- original former OS to BDS 10 man– I only saw Froto and Yooologos on the roster. I’m sure Moon and Co will be able to kill the Lich King soon. Sounds like they have their shit together. Kudos to getting content ! Miss you Moon!

We hope to ramp up with regular runs soon. Should be good times.

This weekend looks like a HOT on in KC and tons to do. I think we’ll catch the ‘A-Team” flick this weekend and do some cookout BBQ and shit. I love the Summer, just wish I was able to walk. lol


I love the bandwagoneers I saw on Facebook when the Chicago Blackhawks won….looking very forward in the coming weeks to the World Cup. Spain will win it all btw.  My beloved Huskers are now in the BIG 10????  I have no idea how all this transpired except it derived from MONEY as most things do. Should be a very FUN Football Season!

– Salute!



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3 responses to “Meds and Mayhem

  1. You freaking stalker you……
    to fucking funy on both sides =)

  2. addendum:

    Banned for LIFE!

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