Trolls Need Food

Hate is a learned trait, yes? I’m of the belief that for the most part hate is dervived from personal experience and handed down. Handed down through family, friends and environment. I grew up a quasi-minority. Meaning, while I’m native american I am also white. Half breed. I wasn’t subjected to the type of racism blacks were/are/will be as well as any other race other than white. I do believe in reverse racism and that to me is laughable, at best.

While I don’t plan on blogging about race I wanted to preface my own personal racism – with personal experience. I don’t actually hate races rather individuals and those I can count on one hand. Yes, some races continually reinforce the stereotypes….meh.

No, I’m talking about the need in gaming hate– to make fun of, ridicule, bully, antagonize (lol) others– usually for the pure reason of self pleasure (ha). We recently made a post of the WoW forums, a recruitment thread looking for new members to join us. I already knew the odds of trolls posting to it were high and also knew trolls will use anonymous toons to post therein. The face value of ridicule is worth zero in the terms of having anything of value since they negated they’re own basis when posting without saying who they are. Cowardice comes to mind.

Throughout my years on the net, forums, etc. my style has changed to be much more mature and I try not to feed the trolls. They only exist to provoke a reaction (irony?) and feeding said trolls only embolden them to post more and boom! you are talking/arguing with idiots which in turn makes you an idiot. Tony of Kansas City rarely bites the offers on his blog but will post generalized statements. Talk about having ‘haters’…he’s a gem and a piece of shit – in a sense of drawing troll flys to shit. lol  He – it seems- is able to take their hate and make them love him more– kinda like Howard Stern.

Anywhoo– my point is to try and understand the goals of trolls. Is it to simply see what reactions one can get when they ridicule others? What motivates haters? Is it attention? Lack of breast milk as a baby? Lack of getting real life pussy? My guess is alot of it has to do with being picked on pre-internet. They were picked on in school, college, at work, by there spouses or girlfriends. They have wives who own them. They were the fat or skinny kids in school and were beat up for their proverbial lunch money. I know of ‘guys’ like that who cyber bully even to this day. Hiding behind the computer is likened to a paper tiger in a fireworks stand with freshly released pyros. Well..maybe that’s a bad analogy. They were pussies in school and continue to be on the net. I have zero respect for those individuals. Battle of leet speak is nothing compared to the Death Star. Come’on trolls…work on better content if you wanna roll down the road of mental wars.

Just a rant.



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2 responses to “Trolls Need Food

  1. fwtrippi

    I’m thinking this blackmama is someone I know, mebbe even a former Fatal Wounder. I’m not sure if it is a close buddy, or someone that was left bitter. As for feeding trolls, it is something I am out of practice with. I rarely visit boards aside from guild forums in the last few years.

  2. Well, like all other MMOs you and I have played – we will always have those we rub the wong wai. lol I don’t visit — well no I visit but don’t really post to the forums but i have picked up some gems from some recruitment threads in the past and I think the idea of persistence will pay off in the long term as far as adding quality players.

    I appreciate your effort and help Andrew

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