MidSummer Fire Festival Event : WoW

Midsummer is here! Starting at Midnight (this morning) is the annual event where one can get a choc full of achievements while harassing their opposing faction. Found a nice post HERE where she (Druid Love) describes in broad strokes what it’s all about including links to more detailed walk-throughs. It’s an ideal time to dust off your alts for quick and easy experience points and gold as well as a buff that provides a generous 10% buff on killing NPC’s for I think 2 hours. Just go to a Flight Path or City for the Pole dance. (no tipping allowed)

One of the dailies include Torch Tossing– they key here is to zoom max on your toon and look for the torch shadow on the ground. Everything is easy as pie including the boss fight. If you like to ‘collect’ things– then roll for the Staff Ahune drops, it’s a thing of beauty. Outdated yes but still great to look at and equip. Fight is pretty easy– just use common sense. Do this DAILY for a chance at the pet which is a little ‘captured flame‘  and flame pet (so very cute)- a must have for collectors (like me). NEW this year is a new pet — check it out!

Good Luck and Have fun!   The Old School guild will be running together all week. Sign up!


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