It’s going…

It’s been over 5 weeks since my ankle went “BOOM” and it’s slowly getting better. Better in that I can put pressure on it. The wound itself ‘looks’ better besides what seemed to be a small tear which I have no clue how/when it happened. I’ll post a pix later.

For the most part this still sucks. It numbs up after being ‘down’ and not elevated (above my heart) at work since my desk isn’t set up and pretty much can’t be set up to elevate it. It gets weekly bruises from my boot which…should be re-designed in my opinion. While the strong support of the ankle not moving is great it does NOTHING in the way of comfort and is the reason for the bruising.

Last Friday thou I visited the Rehab center and will start in 2 weeks. I am doing my own rehab at home with my wifes tutoring. I do 4 simple (would seem simple..) – I turn my ankle in circles clockwise and counter 10 times each X 3. I lift my foot to my toes and heel 10 x or 30 seconds, wiggle toes all day/night long and will walk on it with crutches for the movement. My left (good) leg is getting stronger by the week and it noticeably more muscular and sure. My bad leg looks something like the Avatar Skit. Just not as bad…

Mainly it’s the inability to ‘carry’ things and drive that gets to me. The docs say I can’t drive for 3 months (1.5 now) and it is nearly impossible for me to carry things in my arms/hands since the crutches take that up. I can carry plastic cups in my mouth, food items…my mouth is becoming very useful (no homo). I also have adapted to going up and down stairs with only 1/2 dozen ‘falls’ from the crutches or my balance giving way. Luckily *knock on wood* I haven’t injured myself from the falls *yet*.

Friday last week we saw TOOL at the SprintCenter which the concert itself was amazing and among the best I’ve seen– it was a bitch to get to the suite *ya poor me* and back to the van afterwards. The crowds for the most part did move when they saw me but a few asshats simply looked at me and wanted me to go around them. *shakes fist* Alix noticed this and became my front (man) and pushed her way through for me so I wouldn’t have to navigate around the sea of people in black and tattoo’s. It took a good 10 mins to go one block. Mainly my underarms and ankles hurt the most. I am collectively moving 230 lbs with them….yes I have lost more weight….tho I can’t count it since it was basically my muscle mass in my legs…lol.


In WoW news– and this blog– I’ve added a good amount of links to the left of this post. Added ‘Artists’ I admire from the genre of fantasy art, they include Magic the Gathering, WoW TCG, Novels, Traditional mediums and more.  Added WOW-Centric links to the pros and amateurs bloggers and a cool GUI for WoW link.

As for this week– I’m trying out a new server with some friends – made a DK (ugh) to test the waters and see if a ‘Normal’ Medium sized server is a good fit. Doing dailies with the OS and helping others as we had a good 5 new members join in the past week. With the new Cata coming out– a medium sized guild will be very beneficial to be in or in my case, make. They’ve added guild rep and granted items and ‘stuff’ for guilds that play and achieve ‘together’. GENIUS or MAD? Well see.  I can imagine a LOT of guild hopping initially then the guilds with a good core will stop recruiting unless your resume is up to their spec…which in turn will turn OFF a lot of players who play casually or simply don’t like to be measured based on gear/ap’s/skills. Personality and attitude will be 8th fiddle imo.

It’s hard to re-start a guild, let alone organize it with casual players since it’s a up hill battle to start. Motivation is limited by mood. While the current members will pretty much JOIN when asked none actually initiate. *shrug*

Salutations and please let me know what you’d like to see on this blog – good or bad or ideas.




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4 responses to “It’s going…

  1. The blog is looking good, with the additional links and such!

    So is the “Old School Guild” being reincarnated on the new server? I’m not sure I followed what happened there. I’m still deciding what I want to do with WoW. I have started playing again, with a few projects in mind, and in the meantime I’m a) waiting to see what I want to do with my main, as far as where to play it, b) trying to decide if I want to continue to level my resto druid (and if so, how and where), and c) thinking about other fun things to do in-game.

    I added a link to your blog to my WoW blogroll, btw. Hopefully you’ll get one or two hits from my blog in the next few months (my blog traffic is, um, a bit sparse!).

    * * * * *

    “…a small tear which I have no clue how/when it happened. I’ll post a pix later.”

    NOOO!!! – – just kidding, I’m interested in seeing how your foot looks. LOL! I hope that it continues to heal well, and that you don’t suffer any re-injuries on the stairs etc.

    It’s awesome that you saw Tool. They’re one of the bands that I respect most for their creativity. There is no other band on par with them within their style.

    I’ll cut this “short” since I tend to be a bit verbose. Stay strong!

  2. It’s still going on Azshara (*the guild) but a friend of mine didn’t like it (the server) so he made a new incarnation on another server– it’s a med sized server vs. this very under populated one all my toons are on and have been since I’ve been playing. I decided to make a 55 (now 56) so I can see if it’s worth my $25.00 to move ONE toon over. I’ll know in the coming month or so.

    Feel free to roll a DK on Azshara and give me a shout : my toons are AutumnKnight, WookieLuv, SeanCassidy and Dreaming. I have a 53 Mage we could group and quest with.

    Ya ill post pix tonight once I take it off. It’s no fun putting it off and on. But comparing the 2 pix its MUCH better.

    I have only heard a few songs of TOOL — I remember them from years ago and with their videos being so damned awesome I was a fan. My son and step daughter are huge fans and they too enjoyed the show (wife too). I only wish they’d do an encore. They are gods of thinking metal imo.

    Thanks for the blog roll. Adding yours too!

  3. More stalking………. question is, would that be a good or bad idea? LOL

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