For the Horde

Decided to try something different and go ‘Horde’ with one of my 80 toons. I’ll begin the switch tonight- their website says it can take up to 3-7 days for it to occur. I will most likely move over AutumnKnight my priest.

I’ve always wanted a Horde toon but never focused enough to level one to 80. It’s $30.00 to move over faction but seems a small price for the switch. I will have to re-do any Argent Tournament progression. My mounts and rep remain but do ‘flip’ according to their FAQ page.

My time in OS is still there, I’m also on Exodar with my now 60 Death Kay-niggit. I also moved some toons around. Wootbeer and Dreaming are in “Exalted” Devo is in TOSA. I like to spread myself out don’t I?

Played an awful lot this past weekend. Upgrade some items but overall got Dreaming some real upgrades and ran a ton of Heroics for badges. Almost hit the 5000 GS with her. Not bad for being 4 weeks old.

My 4th of July was rained out. Literally in OP we had a good 2 hours of torrential rain as we were going to watch the fireworks (Corporate Woods) from my companies parking lot. Alo and I sat there  in the van a good 30 mins when we think it was announced it was cancelled. They did a redo 24hrs later but we missed it.

Ankle is slowly getting better. I really need to get a rehab routine going. The blood circulation — lack of — is the worst part. The pain is dull and slow but noticeable after 3-4 hrs of being ‘down’. Numbing pain. My ankle feels 100% in the morning….as it’s elevated with 6 pillows at night. It’s a sight to see. I visit the doc again soon and get my checkup.

Summer is moving by– life overall is flying by. Our ‘family’ is growing up fast. We have 2 out of 5 kids out of the house and have another daughter graduating this year. I can’t wait for August to roll around when we get some much needed vacation.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July in the Worlds BEST COUNTRY! USA!!!!



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3 responses to “For the Horde

  1. Just looked on the armory & AutumnKnight is still listed as Alliance…….. sweet!


  2. Funny thing is — the day I posted this is when my iPhone went dead….preventing me from turning Horde……..coincidence?

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