Last night after we came back from getting my new glasses, me getting a hair cut with a 1 and 1.5 level we stopped at Chick-Fil-A where I had my usual chicken tenders (4), fruit bowl and unsweetened tea we came home to a (wow…long run on sentence much?) hot house.

Our AC thermostat is a finicky bitch. It will shut off on some random timer. It wasn’t the issue.

Our history with this house’s AC is the original one was too small for the house. It quit pretty much on us every summer til 2 years ago when it was replaced with a HUGE and aptly powered size. However, did you know that a small ant can kill the AC? Yes they can.

See, their is a power cuplink that is just on the outside going into the unit. It has an electrical charge that attracts ants like sugar. They take their last steps into electrical oblivion and ‘fry’ themselves on the small area where the charge is exposed. Enough ants do this and the connection becomes less and less and for the AC to ‘kick’ in– it won’t. This happened on the previous AC and now the current on 2 more times. We put down ant traps, cut down the small tree next to it, — and like much things in our lives – Murphys Law kicks in and last night not only did the wife forget to pay our water bill the AC went dead.

It was a long night. My wife was beating herself up for forgetting. I didn’t get upset til 3 a.m. when I was literally laying in my pool of sweat and simply could not sleep. I ended up sleeping 1 hour max. I probably lost 3 lbs of fluid…not the good kind.

I didn’t know that AC’d didn’t need water to run. To me it would make sense it would. I need to wiki how they work.

I don’t mind the heat and humidity during the day but I so treasure sleeping that when anything fucks with that process I get very on the edge. Though a lot will say I’m already short tempered……

So this is a friendly reminder to pay your water bill on time and kill ants when you see them near air conditioners.


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