“Inception” Junction What’s Your Function

This is a movie review of ‘Inception’ it has spoilers– rather I go into what the movie is about and ‘stuff’. So you’ve been warned (all 7 regular readers of mine.)

My Facebook and Twitter was lit up over the weekend of friends who saw the movie and not one had a bad thing to say about it. Not one. We went and saw it at our favorite theatre the “Palazzo” in S. OP. I love the theater for 3 reasons. 1. It’s 5 mins away  2. It’s never, if rarely sold out   3. Parking

I went with my wife and daughter #1 AK. It’s rated Pg-13 and rightly so with just some violent gun battles and the crazy dead wife who lives in Leo’s dreams who has a penchant for stabbing people with whatever is around her.

Based on the trailers which showed Leo (Dom Cobb) and Juno/Ellen Page (Ariadne) sitting at some outdoor cafe with things splodin all around them as well as some Escher type effects of buildings and citys’ falling apart or rolling onto themselves the trailers were information-less. Which is good imo. I don’t like trailers that summarize the movie in 1.5 minutes. I like to have my movies reveal themselves, for me to discover them.

The summary of the movie is Leo works as a freelance memory implanter or steals information/safeguards/trains clients to protect their ideas and thoughts. For example, say you had your password to your safe and you never wrote it down but it’s in your head…Leo could potentially steal it. To plant an idea and have the person think it was their OWN idea is another facet of his job. This part intrigues me the most about the movie. Ideas and suggestions. I sincerely believe in subliminal suggestions in our real world via, media, speech, sounds, colors, sights, smells and words. This movie took the idea and made it so it exists in that one could be swayed if one was targeted.

The movie has it where Leo is from a family of dream manipulators, architects (who build dreams). He was working for a client who was ‘testing’ him to go after a rival company owners son– his father being on his deathbed– his son would take over the company. The rival company (Leo’s client) wants Leo to implant an idea that the son should ‘break up’ the energy giant company– thus making his client supposedly on equal ground in the energy business.

In order to do this– which apparently is ‘impossible’ to do is called ‘Inception’– to plant an idea ‘deep’ within the persons subconsious to where they feel and believe it was their idea to begin with. The relationship of father and son is strained with the whole ‘Rich Father-Neglected Son’ take and so they (Leo and his crew) develop a plan (Juno) to go into 3 levels of dreams. A dream within a dream within a dream. Leo’s has done this in the past and it’s results were….umm…less than fun. Ask his dead wife.

The movie slowly, gradually picks it’s pace up and the first hour needs it to explain the concepts and rules of this ‘job’. One important ‘rule’ is a ‘totem’, which when talking with my wife after the movie – seemed to miss what Leo said about them…particularly Leo’s Totem (no homo).  His totem is a “Top” a little metal “Top” that when spun, if it stops after spinning normally – he’s in reality. If it continues- never ending spin then he’s in a dream.  Juno makes her own which is a Chess Piece “Bishop?” also fashioned out of metal.

You can read all about it in a much more concise way on Wiki.

I loved the idea or premise of the movie. Stealing or Implanting ideas/thoughts. I always found dreaming to be so personal that one cannot really explain it to others let alone having others interpet your dreams. There are literally hundreds of books that say the can tell you the meaning of your dream- mostly through if not entirely on symbolism. If you see waves, animals, objects, — they all have a wide variety of what it could be. I see that as non-sense. I think only YOU, the person who had the dream really could interpet what it may or may not mean. Let alone mean anything.

Since (again..IMO- in my opinion) one’s own conscience and being is your own and as such your own belief systems and who you perceive you to be are yours how can one come close to taking apart your dream and saying what it IS. It would come down to if YOU WANT to BELIEVE what someone else is saying to you. If you like what’s being said. If the person breaking it down has some ‘tie’ to you or knows your background they could easily manipulate your dreams into something not of original origin but a nuance of what you think it is.

The movie never explains HOW Leo and his crew can go into another’s subconcious — it only shows this machine in a stainless steel case. lol Though in this film, the whole concept is something that is taught on the University level. /shrug.  I’d like to take some classes please.

You’ll notice how the movie has elements of the Matrix and gives off a sterile feel to it’s environment, especially in the city scenes. The characters themselves are all likeable including his dead knive wielding emo wife.

Is it me or does Juno/Ellen Page still look like she’s in the 8th grade? She has NO shape. Her face has changed a little – maybe more plump – but seeing her on the big screen looking so petite, I’d say there’s something physically wrong with her development. Go have a baby or something munchkin. Eat a donut.

Since I don’t consider myself too egocentric enough to give it “STARS” or “THUMBS” up – I’ll say it is worth seeing in the theater. It’s not your typical flick and especially if you like The Matrix but without spandex.



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2 responses to ““Inception” Junction What’s Your Function

  1. it also has “a bit” of James Bond ala’ “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and “Tron” and… there’s too many references to list. it’s not flawless but it is unique and clever and intelligent–all traits that were long ago sucked out of theaters by corporations and their need for quantity above all else. Fantastic film. Best of the year, without doubt. Beyond “worth seeing”. Brilliant. Challenging. Thought-provoking. Even fun and funny–witty, wry–in places. Yes, don’t miss it.

  2. oh, and for pity’s sake, pay attention.

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