Why Social?

It took me a good 3 months of emails and conversations to convince my employer to get ‘on’ Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The reasons why it took me a while to convince was fear. Fear of not having control and not having basic knowledge of what these mediums provide let alone accomplish not just in the short but the long.

My background is Illustration and Design, Marketing has always prior to this job been in the background. I don’t think you can have one without the other, just my emphasis from the past has been the visual.

I was able to get this company up and running with assurances that some rogue ex-employee or competitor wouldn’t try and sabotage us. So far, so good. The tools these mediums provide you and continue to update and add give you such control as to who sees, reads, views, connects and comments to and about your FB or Twitter. We’ve been up and running for over 18 months now and while we don’t number in the 1000’s of followers and friends it is steadily moving upward. More so Facebook.

I explained several reasons for the need for this company to be ‘there’. First not necc. foremost as I think they can change, was to be “SEEN” a “PRESENCE” as nearly 80-90% of Realtors are on these networks. If they see you they get more and more comfortable seeing you online. Seeing our weekly if not 2-3 times a week updates about our upcoming shows, specials or simply inspirational quotes does alot of your branding. It reinforces who and what you are and keeps the brand inside their heads.

Our competitors all seemed to give it a go but puttered out after a dozen or so updates. Now, as of last weeks check they all have pretty much quit posting. Quit updating. What does this tell their ‘friends’ and ‘followers’? I think it speaks volumes on their commitment to service and keeping it ‘real’ in a sense of being valid. It’s a continual work in progress– like most business’s are, you have to work at it. Rarely does anything happen overnight – this ‘social network’ isn’t going away anytime soon and if you are not in it NOW and building a base of friends/followers and keeping those relationships fresh then you will get left behind.

Most recently I’ve added Gowalla and Four Square to our network presence. To those not in the know– those are apps that use GPS to show where you are LIVE and give badges, discounts and feedback to business both private and public as well as feature rich tools for more marketing. It was as simple as adding the locations of our Corporate Offices. Free. Dynamic. Now, whenever anyone is in the area- especially Realtors they will ‘SEE’ we are here. In their life and in their data.

It takes maybe 10 min. a day to update the 5 outlets we have. Be sure to update at least once a week.



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2 responses to “Why Social?

  1. radiomankc

    You suffer from the same malady… those who think publicity is more important than substance. I think when people actually do something IMPORTANT, they’ll get RECOGNITION for GREATNESS. I grow tired of publicists trying to convince us that small things are bigger than they really are. Course, thats’ what publicists do. Try to make stupid ideas look more important than they really are. That’s what politics is always about. When the test of time happens, most political ideas don’t ever amount to ANYTHING! They fade away with yesterdays’ forgotten empty promotions.

  2. Where do you read I believe publicity is more important than substance? In this post it’s about a small-med sized company being convinced that being on these social mediums is important. The relevance of the content for this business: real estate is directly related to the core genre- selling homes and networking.

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