StarCraft II Initial Thoughts

Like much of Blizzard’s games they took their sweet time producing it. I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition and it was on my door step yesterday. Why the C.E.? Why not!?  It includes

  • Soundtrack
  • Raynors Dog Tags with pre-installed SC and SC Broodwar Flash Drive
  • Behind the scenes DVD
  • WoW THOR ingame pet – which looks awesome and is very active in it’s animations
  • 2 Guest Passes for SC2 and WoW
  • Art of SC2 Bound Book
  • The game
  • #0 Comic Book, bagged and boarded
  • Ingame special tags and avatars

Total price with taxes and shipping : $115.00   I do consider it worth it? Yes! Unlike other gaming companies Blizzard aims to impress and please as well as keep customer loyalty their focus. I know I sound like a homer but this is based on experience with the company going on for 12 years now. The ONLY thing I can complain about is their Phone Customer Support lines– being too full.

It took me 100 phone calls and hours of waiting for me to get someone LIVE on the phone about my Authenticator on my iPhone going KABLOOWEY. Then it took a total of 11 days to be back online. Wait, there’s more. Last week my acct also go hacked. I decided to not get the Authenticator once it was removed from the first round……..sure enough days later my acct was compromised. My computer at home is Ft. Knox and I don’t visit ‘bad’ websites. *shrug*.  However, once I submitted my ticket – knowing full well the kinda backlog they must have – I thought another 2 weeks. Nope. Less than one week I got everything back– the hacker pretty much only hit my Alt Guild Bank — leaving my other toons alone. They refunded everything, gear, mats, gold and all with solid communication.

Ok– back to SC2.

I played the BETA for 3 weeks straight and the nuances of the games core was intact. I was afraid they’d change a bunch of shit. They didn’t. The didn’t mess with the original formula but rather gave you more to strat on. Units and planning your attack/defense. The BETA – as BETA’s do changed every other day with tweaks here and there. Void Ray’s in particular were devastating mainly due to their over powered ‘range’ attacks. They nerfed it in BETA.

It took maybe 15 mins to load the software with subsequent patches (yes already had patches). BOOM I was online and started the Raynor quest line and reeled in some achievements. They have a robust achievement system in the game and don’t look to complete them all in the first week. There are a ton.

They also have an ‘Armory’ where you can buy upgrades to your units, customized– you get credits when you complete the story line quests. Sound familiar?  I started with Marine and Bunker upgrades. I’m a firm believer in Defense in gaming, especially this one.

I was able to complete the initial line of quests easily in ‘Normal’ mode and it took maybe over an hour for those 3. One is timed so you can’t rush through it.

I then took a deep breathe and signed up for some 1:1 PvP action in the beginners league. I was matched up with another Terran player and while I was a nuisance my spending of credits lacked thought and 20 mins in I typed “GG” as I waisted my creds and TIME on too many Marines without upgrades.

I then let my wife play some PvP vs. AI and she chose her beloved Protoss. She also chose ‘Medium’ for the level of difficult level. This equates to 5 mins of build time at that level. She was over run rather quickly, even for a seasoned vet player. She had fun losing though.

Overall the game’s interface, storyline quest mode with interactive hot spots were an interesting way to present the storyline. The voice overs can make or break a game and these are very good. Game play still feels like SC1 but the new units and combos one can amass for attacks are unique. Playability in the long term is tried and true– I didn’t want to stop playing. I think the ladder system and ranking will also enhance the games longevity and competition– provided Blizzard keeps a watchful eye on ingame hacking and exploits. One of the oldest exploit was if you were losing a pvp game you could simply quit the game and not get the loss counted…..not that I’ve ever done that….

If your out an about this week and have 40-60.00 for the game or $100.00 for the C.E. I highly recommend this game– I’d offer my guest passes but those are going to my Mother-in-Law. =)



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  1. like the game ,like this site ,and thx for the info

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