A Borg Guild Would Be Best

If you don’t know what a ‘Borg’ is then this post is..well…replace Borg with ‘Sheep’ and that’ll explain it.

I often have day dreams of what it would be like to have at the most 5 people whom I can play WoW with on a non-regular basis. My life doesn’t revolve around WoW as it did the first couple years. And that’s going kind of hardcore me saying ‘revolve’ – I did play a lot, about 5 hours a night 4 times a week. Mostly leveling toons, running the guild, recruiting, raiding- the norm.

Now, I’m in 3 other guilds and play at my own pace as I’ve done in the past but with fewer peeps. Maybe it’s the game and maybe it’s my attitude of focusing on things outside of WoW. I can’t really pin point it. Of the three guilds, “Exalted” is the most friendly but also the most tempermental. Kinda. Not complaining but the more people in your guild the more drama/issues/shit happens. Makes sense.

So, back to the Borg. In Star Trek this mechanical/bioengineered class of beings are single minded, hive like mind set. The ‘assimilate’ anyone/race/ who they deem worthy of adding value to the hive. They act as one. This isn’t new in the history of man, I always think of Atilla the Hun when I think of the Borg. He gave his enemies (conquered), 2 choices. Join or Die. None of this pacified leadership. No prisoners. Join and Die. This concept gave way to one the most fearsome warlords, ever. This way of thinking lead to many innovations as the cultures they took over *and in a lot of case- wiped off the face of the world* they incorporated their skills, ideologies and technology into their own. It essentially took the best and made it theirs. Brilliant. Minus the death part.

I could go into a long tirade about political parties and religion that does the same thing but in the end it’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL.  I will digress and move back to my line of thought on how a Borg guild is best in WoW…sorta. I never claim to have complete blog posts let alone being relevant to those who visit and read. I’m also not one to post about how cool I am, how damn good looking I am or my unreal ability to win at Poker.

So I have this day dream of having 5 good people without attitude about when/how/who/what to do in WoW but they all have the same goals and schedules. Let’s make it 10 people. I like 10m raids. OK.

Can you imagine what accomplishments one could do in game with a same agenda? It would be like Obama and Clinton making babies. I had a dream/nightmare a few weeks ago about that. Obama and Hillary both filed for divorce on the same day. Once the divorces were final they married each other and Hillary had twins. Two Boys. One boy was gay the other was straight. The WORLD was drawn in with the drama from the divorce then mesmirized they got re-married. It was ying and yang.

So….being able to run old instances and getting rep from ZG. Doing the fishing quests and mount runs in ZG. 10 manning Tempest Keep for the Mount. Questing as one. Relaxing as one. PvPing as one. All of that but without the pomp and circumstance. Without people leaving for greener pastures. Because they’re about to get a divorce because they became “King Slayer”.

I think if one is married and you play WoW Hardcore/Raiding-like and only ONE of you is playing…your fucked. How can you play 5-6 days a week from 6pm-11pm and have a healthy relationship? What if you have children? Young ones? Ugh. Mise well cut your losses and divorce. hehe

I strongly believe couples that game together stay together. I know of at least 3 couples that play together and seem happy, albeit in a introverted kinda way. Can one be introverted if your with another? Hmmm. They chose to not go out on a Friday night. They choose not to interact with their kids on Sunday. They choose not to go OUT side.

So yeah– sheep/borg guilds seem to be the best choice though on paper only because in reality (what’s that??) they simply don’t work for very long. Humans are selfish, especially in games. People have free will. Dammit. Without free will things would get done in this World (of Warcraft).

________________(this is where I switch gears…note the underscore)__________

My time as a ‘Horde’ has been great. I never lose WG. I never wait for runs. We do have issues with coordinating 25 man pugs: VoA, OS, ICC…but this is Azshara. The times I see that the Horde MAY lose WG I’ll log out and relog my Alliance toons and get my badge/honor bonus. Their Auction House prices are higher though. They’re not as whiney and complainy as Alliance is in trade/general chat. Armistice is THE top guild on the server on both sides and they rain down the achievements like nobody’s business. I’m not in their tier one or two raiding groups nor do I want to be (see divorce). But it’s good to be around veterans who know what they’re doing and all seem very confident in their roles and maturity levels.  This guild comes to game.

My next pet project is to level Husker to 80 before October. He’s 54 atm and was able to level up lastnight with a OS run of BRD. I was top dps at avg of 600. That’s not saying much since, next to Boomkin and Locks– it’s a two button I win DPS class of mages. Blizzard, Freeze, Blow. Rinse and repeat. I like. I plan on catching up with Samagic and us making a two-man Arena team. (not really). I’m a frost mage- which seems to be the ONLY real spec….look at the top Mages– all Frost.

After Husker hits 80 I’ll be done leveling til the expansion in Nov.

Ok. done. rambling.

Stay cool.



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