Dull Drums

Depending on your personal motivations of playing WoW there really isn’t much of a point to play as much at this stage of the game. Cata +5 level, instances and a whole new world and new old world are what’s interesting me these days. I log in now to play my Horde toon and my loverly Mage ‘Husker’ who just hit 60 last night. I should be ready to go at 80 end of September based on my own pace.

Mages are certainly fun to play, I’d say 2nd to Druids. Mainly because Mages are so one dimensional. DPS. Who doesn’t love to be on the Top 5 charts? Shooting bolts of frost, fire and arcane magic in a robe? This toon will be my…lemme count….

  1. WookieLuv 80  Hunter
  2. AK/O 80 Priest
  3. Dreaming 80 Druid
  4. SeanCassidy Paladin
  5. Wootbeer Warrior

up-coming capped level toon. What’s great about having that many toons is that I’ve literally learned them from every which way and while I’m not a LEET’ player I do know how to play them and get the most of their respective roles.**sans SeanCassidy*   for whatever reason I simply suck at DPS, too scared to Tank with him. I can PvP ok but….no matter what I read, rotation of spells, research…I suck at Paladins. /shrug

So as I climb the ladder of Mage’ism I’m still in Frost Spec and loving every DING along the way. So far, only a lock and hunter have beat me out of Top DPS. And they were 2 levels above me. *flex*. So yea, I’m diggin my mage.

I’ve been asked by at least 3 peeps since I’ve been back from vacation if I was planning on revamping up the guild and my answer is: Not right now, I’d rather level toons, have others lead and not be a GM let alone recruiting new players to a guild that isn’t active. Once Cata comes out I may, just depends on the content and if Diablo 3 catches my FOM time. I know the new xpac of Cata will enhance larger and more active guilds and have listened to podcasts and read notes/updates on it and Blizzard never ceases to amaze me with their continual improvement of the game.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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