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2 Years with my Love

Celebrating our 2 years of Marriage this past weekend was one of relaxed moments, kisses, holding hands and consuming alcohol. Dinner, drinks and time with friends. I found my loverly wife on the web. Now a days it’s not so uncommon to find relationships online. It’s much easier to ‘see’ the other via forums, blogs, groups of same interests. We met through a local online dating community where they had events scheduled weekly. This was over 7 years ago and that site was eventually bought out by a bigger National company and with that all the relationships, local feel went out the window.

What’s interesting about online relationship development is the communication, besides their picture– while IS very important, I mean let’s be honest you have to be physically attracted to the other before you move on to their brain…least for me. But the main thing you attach to (for me again) is their words. Their writings. On the site they had a very active forums. This was the first impression area. They also had live Chat but that was….meh. I post a lot on forums in many venues of gaming, politics and social areas so my ‘voice’ is heard a lot. I’m def. not a wall flower on forums let alone the social events they scheduled. I don’t know how guys can sit on their asses at singles events and not ask a woman to dance or just get on the dance floor themselves. I think it was my ability to move forward, be pro active in looking for someone that makes it/ made it happen. The internet was simply a tool one could use to get info, it was up to me to make something happen and I’m damned glad my insecurities didn’t get in the way.

While this is our ‘2nd year of wedding bliss’ we’ve been ‘official’ for over 7 years and this Dec being our BIG 8! We’ve both been very blessed to have gotten this far and done a lot with our mixed families. It’s work. A lot of work to make things balanced on all fronts, career, schooling, social and making your relationship mean something. It’s the kind of work I love.

My parents would have been celebrating their 43rd year of Marriage and Alo’s just did this past weekend as well. Now that’s the rarity– couples married 25+ years. It’s amazing. Our parents are proof love is sustainable. =D


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