Drive-Way Tax or just a new Tax?

I’m still reading more articles about this proposed Tax by the Mission City Council. I don’t like writing about things (blog wise) I don’t know much about unless it involves creationism, Obama, Illegal Aliens & Amnesty, Porn Stars and Herbalism.

Of all the wrong times to suggest a new tax, it would be this past 2009 and current 2010. I’d like to hear a reason of proposing such a tax and defend it’s worth. Yes, I read the monies are to be used for roads repairs and infrastructure. I get that. What I don’t get is how they are getting the monies to pay for this…by taxing business’s, school, churches, you and me (who live in Mission) for using our vehicles. How about the City Council all take salary cuts? Increase fee’s for drunk driving, speeding, moving violations. Go collect monies from dead beat parents (taking a fee). Re-evaluate your spending. Don’t tax business’s and consumers for…consuming. This is essentially a double tax, esp. for home owners. What incentive is it now for a business to open in Mission when they have to pay these tax fee’s? Can you say no more job growth and business development in Mission?

“Under the new program, every homeowner will be charged $72 a year and small businesses will pay $3,558 a year, beginning in December. Larger businesses will pay more. For example, a Target store will pay up to $64,750 annually. Mission officials previously said homeowners would be charged on average about $72.”

Not sure where the ‘Drive-Way Tax’ derived from since it doesn’t matter if you have a driveway or not you will pay.

All in all, it’s simply bad timing to try and implement this tax NOW. They should shelve it for now, re-package it and come up with a more subdued tax to help repair the roads.

Bad move City Council. Highest unemployment in decades, slow recovery out of the recession…..

I think the main worry for those not in Mission is if this takes off and is ‘successful’ it will be a domino effect for Olathe, OP, Missouri, Lenexa, etc. BTW– if your church or school falls along the borders of Mission you will have to pay for Mission taxes. Churches are also not exempt.

Don’t get me wrong, I think infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) and education are taxes I have nearly no issues on paying but it also comes down to trust. Extensions of these types of taxes occur all the time as well as increases.  Once it’s on the books the councils don’t need to ask YOU for permission to extend or amend.

This brings me to the point of voting. I doubt these City Council peeps have another term. Read up and learn what upcoming votes are for, what they may represent down the road. Participate. Do your duty as a US Citizen and vote (for your reasons not the media or popular vote theme).

If this hits my neck of the woods of OP I will def. be all over researching they details and reasoning behind raising my taxes.


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