Starting Up

WOW, (not the game) has it been a busy 3-4 weeks. Kids movings out (one), Volleyball Season, Football Season: with my 4 Fantasy Football Leagues, Freelancing, Going to Non-Credit Classes at JCCC, updating the house, fixing cars, exercising, walking, eating decently, work, planning my Nov & Dec Tradeshows, budgeting, updating my portfolio, spending some very quality time with my wife. Too busy to blog.

I have been doing my normality things like WoW, SWG and more recently Lord of the Rings Online (it’s free)*.

• WOW: Got Husker to 68.5 level and is finally in Northrend. Enjoying Mage-dom quite well. My Horde toon is seeing the other side of WoW with the questing and different areas. Weird being a Horde when you’ve been Alliance for so long. Been saving all my Triumph and Frost Badges, apparently we will be able to trade them in for expansion ones. Frost are 1:1 and Triumph 2:1. So, well see! Less than 2 months to go!

SWG: Just my normal toiling around with Harvesting Resources, selling them, rinse and repeat. I did do some Space PvP last week which was fantasticly fun. I have all 3 factions to choose from: Imperial, Rebel and Freelance.

My Football Nerd Leagues– it’s early and I would have never thought my KC Chiefs would have a better record than any of my 4 FFL teams but they do. I believe it’s the raw young talent they have on the field that’s doing it. Not so much coaching, since Haley’s style is very conservative…the Rookies just MAKE plays and make more plays. I’m not a Homer with the Chiefs but I’ve been a fan for 12 years now (Since I moved to this area)…so I hope they continue to win (don’t tell Tony of Kansas City). When you have a winning Professional Sports team the residual benefits with business, attitude and excitement are fantastic.

My Huskers are 4-0, Chiefs 3-0 with a BYE week, they need it. So far so good for Fall Sports.

Last night my wife and I did a 1.35 mile walk and I actually jogged a good 30 feet, which I’ve not actually made full strides since my injury, it felt very odd. At this point in an Achilles injury its more of a trust issue. Your mind is saying becareful and your body is fine but still…reluctant to make certain moves. It’s a mental block for me to understand my ankle is 99%. I can’t simply snap it again, in fact it’s stronger than before, minus 100% movement. I’m still unable to full bend down into a squatting position, I can’t always go down stairs without turning it at an angle. My left leg (the good one) is extremely sexy. It’s not been this buff since High School. It’s shapely, my calve muscles shine….it’s beauty-fool.  Since I’m using it more (did) and put more pressure on it, it’s so much more stronger. My left leg is slowly getting there. The atrophy wasn’t too bad but I did lose alot of muscle mass…


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