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Hair in my ears

I have hair growing out of my ears. On my lobes, just inside them as well. I pluck them out with my fingers as best I can but they just keep coming back. All the wrong places for hair to grow. I have asked multiple times for my wife to help pluck them out but she’s pretty much ignored my request. I don’t blame her, it’s enough simply living with me with my farting, burping and other misc. things men do.

I just want these little black hairs to go away.

I’ve grown to semi like my ‘gray/grey’ hair on my head, chin and I recently found one down below. I also have one on my left side atop a mole. I have thought about getting the “Grecian Formula” and see how it would look on my goatee…when I mentioned it to my wife she was like “Oh yeah! Try that!” which took a kidney punch to my sensitivities on self esteem. I always want to look good for her, wanting to impress her with her choice of mate.

I have no qualms with being vain, we all are to certain degrees. Getting older and nearing the 40 mark sucks eggs. Not that I’ve ever sucked eggs before so I can’t really relate to that phrase…I imagine sucking an egg is pretty non-exciting rather than sucking. If I could change 3 things on me – BESIDES my belly….it would be more head hair in the right places. 2″ taller and better eye-sight.  I’m working on the belly, I use Rogaine® and wear glasses/contacts. The 2″ taller thing…well I’ll just have to live with being just under 6ft tall.

That reminds me. Did you know most women, if given a choice don’t date short men? Let’s exclude the social status, money and career options and just go with height. Women prefer taller than they are men. I know this from asking several women. I feel bad for short guys – to me if your under 5 foot 6 inches, you are short. I strongly believe in the whole ‘little mans syndrome’. I’ve known a lot of short dudes who over compensate, who are very Alpha. I’m thankful I’m average height…..5’11”. Thank you Mom and Dad (mostly mom…).

Women also love men who dance.

So back to my hair in my ears. I’m guessing this is only going to get worse. I have premature greying, (har har) and now a never ending growth of ear hairs. Oh shit..did I mention my nose hairs? They grow like mad! And some are grey too!! Those are very easy but painful to rip out in clumps. I always tear up when I do that..instant weeping. So some of you have lots to look forward to when you get older.

So my dear wife, if you happen to read my blog, please consider helping me with my problemo. I will, in turn massage your feet for 5 mins for each ear you take care of.



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One and the Same

As far as I can see, which we all know is considerable….I see no difference between the two ruling political parties here in the good ol US of A. The self destructive pitfalls of two party system is smoke and mirrors. They both have their special and wide based interests in hand and both are at the soul of each party, selfish.  I can see the facade differences they want you to see which is Democrats = Social programs and Spending with Large Government and the Republicans want = Military spending, Small Government and supposedly more fiscal and social responsibility shouldered on the ‘public’.

In the end they both suck. They both will only do what is right when it looks good to do so or when the public *you and me* force the issue. The latter part is very hard to do as the USA/Media is full of huge obstacles and is on purpose to keep the voices and opinions of the masses at bay. Daily barrages of media telling us what to think and how to act. 1984.5 imo.

Obama is no different than the last 6 Presidents. I’ve only been around since Nixon— and my political insight began with Carter. I’ve been accused of flip flopping on Obama by my wife who voted for him. I didn’t vote for him…I voted for the Maverick’s… was all a ruse anyways.***  She says one min I say he’s doing good with this and that — this and that being: Education reform, Pulling the Troops out of Oil BFE countries. I was and still am against any form of Bail Outs in Business, Health Care imposed on us without so much a vote from me and his views on Terrorism/Defense. Oh and the fact he spends like no other president in the history of man. (Yet we are not going to increase social security benefits for the worlds best generation – our parents).

***The day McCain announced his running mate Palin, it was over. He guaranteed a win for Obama doing that. It was planned. What better way to ensure a loss by having a complete and utter failure of a candidate than Palin? The appeal of this woman on the political arena, today still baffles me. Kinda. I mean she is nice on the eyes and all, til she opens her mouth…pun…..***

While I failed at guessing Obama would be president – I still think American isn’t ready for a Brotha in the House….I don’t think he will be re-elected for a 2nd term. What better scape goat than a black man in office? All the naysayers will be justified as he continues to fail, meet roadblocks the former suck up media falls to the wayside when they realize he can’t walk on water. He can’t save America. He’s simply and plainly put a Politician. The connotation of ‘Politician’ in all of it’s negative forms.

Course, if the Republicans choose another buffoon running mate he will be re-elected….

I will still do my homework before heading to the polls.  I will still vote. My cynicism will continue to get bigger and bigger.

End rant.

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Social Network and Afro’s

Past weekend I took my lovely wife to the movies at our favorite theater, the Palazzo off of 135th. It’s rarely crowded, weekday prices are cheaper than renting and their staff is always friendly. The same old guy in the tux and mustache is usually their to greet us and send someone to refill the butter bin.

I’ve been wanting to see the “Social Network” since I saw the trailers, – who can refuse the idea of College Campus life that’s choc-full of Coeds, alcohol and debauchery? My campus life was at first, sports galore with Tennis and Basketball as I had a girlfriend throughout my 2 years at a local Jr. College in Texas. Sure there was lots of eye candy to gawk at but I was faithful to my lady. Flash forward to Omaha– now let the campus (off campus living) begin. Yeah, I didn’t go to Harvard like the anti-establishment nerd rage quasi-inventor of THE Facebook did. I did have a great time in College though.

The movie itself starts off with establishing that the Jew Nerd is all about where you come from, who you are with and where you are going by berating his girlfriend with his narc. ways of simplifying her comments to affronts on his social future. In the end, it’s another woman who calls him an asshole. He IS an asshole. Albeit a driven, focused asshole. Merits on his drive and hinted conspiracies of control and power are subtly dropped like when someone unfriends you in Facebook.

The acting was superb and much like the movie he starred in “Zombieland” his fast quip spewing of assholistic comments fire off out of his mouth like nobodies business. He continually has to prove to himself that he’s smart and in control. He has disdain for the privledged or those who actually DO climb the social ladder in real life via Fraternities or by way of birthright.

He reminds me of a few people I’ve known in my life time, not so much the person himself but the traits. i.e. Upset when a friend is successful or a friend has a lot of friends and likes to ‘steal’ them away. Or the back stabbing without any real reason but because he can. Playing the innocent patsy he blames or alludes that the influence of Justin Timberlake is the reason. The real reason is to have 100% control over his vision and ideas of what Facebook should/could be. Nerds are full of rage, just spend 5 minutes in Trade Chat in World of Warcraft. Social media has given new life and breath to those masses of who were all but ignored in High School, College, Trade Schools. They found a niche to revel in and be heard. Things like Blogs, Twitter and Facebook ) god forbid you still have a MySpace page). What’s most interesting to me is the reverse discrimination– no…that’s too harsh a word….it’s the overt ‘I was here before you therefore I’m better than you’ attitude towards others who delve into the mediums of social venues I mentioned. As if you being here since 1994 has any merit besides that what you were doing on a Friday night in College. I chuckle.

A lot of the movie, if not all is recounting the hows and whys’ he got to be sued by his former best friend and the 3 Harvard Top Notch kids to whom he stole the idea from. Intellectual Property be damned, pay me!

The no holds barred assholeness portrayal of the worlds youngest billionaire (who apparently hasn’t denied any part of the movie) is spot on. He has but one redeeming quality, he longs for his girlfriend who dumped him in the beginning of the movie. He sits in a lawyers boardroom and asks to ‘Friend’ her and pushes the refresh button over and over waiting to see if she did. Great ending.

While you could wait for a rental or stream it, I wouldn’t. The music and scenes are well put together. It’s the best movie I’ve seen this Fall.

Speaking of streaming, I maybe a bit late to the party but I just re-discovered AFRO Samurai. I streamed the first season and the movie this past week and fell in love all over again. Music by RZA, Samurai’s fictional wubbie Samuel L. Jackson and the simple brutality of the animation are outstanding. It’s pretty much like any Samurai theme with revenge at the centerpiece and you come along for the carnage ride of anyone who gets in his way. I like that it’s set in a modern era along side laser beams, RPG’s and Katana Swords. Adult themed scenes like stripper poles, side street fucking and losing the premise of your audience being 10 years old. Kudos.

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Islam & The Koran

Last night I was flipping channels when I came across NatGeo and it’s “Inside the KORAN” 3 hr story about it’s history and future. It was an amazing piece that had it’s slants but also presented it with a lot of facts. I readily admit my ignorance about Islam and it’s off-shoots of divisions and it’s own back ground of Religion. I learned a lot in those 3 hours.

Let me preface my post that while I do believe In God, it may not be your version. I don’t frequent Church as my parents did. I go for special occasions like Christmas, Easter and ceremonies like Weddings and Funerals. I don’t believe my God will judge me on my attendance but rather my personal decisions and actions throughout my lifetime. He (my god) doesn’t pick and choose what will happen to individuals but rather let’s things happen as they happen. Fate and Destiny are intertwined but are preset and predetermined.

I don’t believe in Hell, least not the traditional one Christians have made up. I do believe in Heaven….to which I have many ideas about what Heaven is. The history I do know of religion is one of wanting to control the masses and individuals – specifically organized religion in any form is control and I’m all for control in the lightest sense. Meaning, a structured religion or organized religion having it’s own rules, ideals and goals. If you choose to be a part of it then it will have rules to live by, I’m fine with that. What I take issues is when the ideals are taken out of it’s original form and context and shaped to the leaders of said religions for their own personal benefit, gain and power. That’s not religion that’s simply wanting to tell people what, how, where, why, when to do things according to it’s leaders.

So, that’s my short version on my personal beliefs.

back to the Koran.

Having little back ground on it to begin with besides it’s their own version of our “Bible” – it was great to learn about it’s different sects of break off religious groups much like the Catholics and Protestants. Which, is..the best way to describe their issues. One sect believes in direct communication with their God “Allah”, another believes in ‘middle-men’ or ones in favor with Allah to speak with Allah or get answers from. Another sect takes it way out of context (Saudi) and basis their decisions on personal beliefs and pick and choose excerprts from the Koran to fit their needs. Sounds familiar.

The main thing and common theme among all these sects was the Koran always ‘forgave’ and pretty much says if the guilty admits guilt and makes amends then all is forgiven for Allah is merciful. Sounds familiar.  The main thing from all these sects is they simply chose not to include the ‘forgive’ part.

It’s certainly not surprising to me the hyprocricy of this religion. Let alone other religions and leads to me continue to believe more and more will continue to lose their faith in any form of religion. Can’t really blame them.

The thing that gets me cringing is Islam and it’s treatment of women. The Koran see’s them as equals, sorta. It’s well known who women of Islam are treated…I could on and on but it’s self explanatory. Women are treated less than human.

Anywhoo– I don’t want to pontificate just to let you know TV taught me something lastnight besides who Snooky is Smushing.

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