Islam & The Koran

Last night I was flipping channels when I came across NatGeo and it’s “Inside the KORAN” 3 hr story about it’s history and future. It was an amazing piece that had it’s slants but also presented it with a lot of facts. I readily admit my ignorance about Islam and it’s off-shoots of divisions and it’s own back ground of Religion. I learned a lot in those 3 hours.

Let me preface my post that while I do believe In God, it may not be your version. I don’t frequent Church as my parents did. I go for special occasions like Christmas, Easter and ceremonies like Weddings and Funerals. I don’t believe my God will judge me on my attendance but rather my personal decisions and actions throughout my lifetime. He (my god) doesn’t pick and choose what will happen to individuals but rather let’s things happen as they happen. Fate and Destiny are intertwined but are preset and predetermined.

I don’t believe in Hell, least not the traditional one Christians have made up. I do believe in Heaven….to which I have many ideas about what Heaven is. The history I do know of religion is one of wanting to control the masses and individuals – specifically organized religion in any form is control and I’m all for control in the lightest sense. Meaning, a structured religion or organized religion having it’s own rules, ideals and goals. If you choose to be a part of it then it will have rules to live by, I’m fine with that. What I take issues is when the ideals are taken out of it’s original form and context and shaped to the leaders of said religions for their own personal benefit, gain and power. That’s not religion that’s simply wanting to tell people what, how, where, why, when to do things according to it’s leaders.

So, that’s my short version on my personal beliefs.

back to the Koran.

Having little back ground on it to begin with besides it’s their own version of our “Bible” – it was great to learn about it’s different sects of break off religious groups much like the Catholics and Protestants. Which, is..the best way to describe their issues. One sect believes in direct communication with their God “Allah”, another believes in ‘middle-men’ or ones in favor with Allah to speak with Allah or get answers from. Another sect takes it way out of context (Saudi) and basis their decisions on personal beliefs and pick and choose excerprts from the Koran to fit their needs. Sounds familiar.

The main thing and common theme among all these sects was the Koran always ‘forgave’ and pretty much says if the guilty admits guilt and makes amends then all is forgiven for Allah is merciful. Sounds familiar.  The main thing from all these sects is they simply chose not to include the ‘forgive’ part.

It’s certainly not surprising to me the hyprocricy of this religion. Let alone other religions and leads to me continue to believe more and more will continue to lose their faith in any form of religion. Can’t really blame them.

The thing that gets me cringing is Islam and it’s treatment of women. The Koran see’s them as equals, sorta. It’s well known who women of Islam are treated…I could on and on but it’s self explanatory. Women are treated less than human.

Anywhoo– I don’t want to pontificate just to let you know TV taught me something lastnight besides who Snooky is Smushing.


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