Social Network and Afro’s

Past weekend I took my lovely wife to the movies at our favorite theater, the Palazzo off of 135th. It’s rarely crowded, weekday prices are cheaper than renting and their staff is always friendly. The same old guy in the tux and mustache is usually their to greet us and send someone to refill the butter bin.

I’ve been wanting to see the “Social Network” since I saw the trailers, – who can refuse the idea of College Campus life that’s choc-full of Coeds, alcohol and debauchery? My campus life was at first, sports galore with Tennis and Basketball as I had a girlfriend throughout my 2 years at a local Jr. College in Texas. Sure there was lots of eye candy to gawk at but I was faithful to my lady. Flash forward to Omaha– now let the campus (off campus living) begin. Yeah, I didn’t go to Harvard like the anti-establishment nerd rage quasi-inventor of THE Facebook did. I did have a great time in College though.

The movie itself starts off with establishing that the Jew Nerd is all about where you come from, who you are with and where you are going by berating his girlfriend with his narc. ways of simplifying her comments to affronts on his social future. In the end, it’s another woman who calls him an asshole. He IS an asshole. Albeit a driven, focused asshole. Merits on his drive and hinted conspiracies of control and power are subtly dropped like when someone unfriends you in Facebook.

The acting was superb and much like the movie he starred in “Zombieland” his fast quip spewing of assholistic comments fire off out of his mouth like nobodies business. He continually has to prove to himself that he’s smart and in control. He has disdain for the privledged or those who actually DO climb the social ladder in real life via Fraternities or by way of birthright.

He reminds me of a few people I’ve known in my life time, not so much the person himself but the traits. i.e. Upset when a friend is successful or a friend has a lot of friends and likes to ‘steal’ them away. Or the back stabbing without any real reason but because he can. Playing the innocent patsy he blames or alludes that the influence of Justin Timberlake is the reason. The real reason is to have 100% control over his vision and ideas of what Facebook should/could be. Nerds are full of rage, just spend 5 minutes in Trade Chat in World of Warcraft. Social media has given new life and breath to those masses of who were all but ignored in High School, College, Trade Schools. They found a niche to revel in and be heard. Things like Blogs, Twitter and Facebook ) god forbid you still have a MySpace page). What’s most interesting to me is the reverse discrimination– no…that’s too harsh a word….it’s the overt ‘I was here before you therefore I’m better than you’ attitude towards others who delve into the mediums of social venues I mentioned. As if you being here since 1994 has any merit besides that what you were doing on a Friday night in College. I chuckle.

A lot of the movie, if not all is recounting the hows and whys’ he got to be sued by his former best friend and the 3 Harvard Top Notch kids to whom he stole the idea from. Intellectual Property be damned, pay me!

The no holds barred assholeness portrayal of the worlds youngest billionaire (who apparently hasn’t denied any part of the movie) is spot on. He has but one redeeming quality, he longs for his girlfriend who dumped him in the beginning of the movie. He sits in a lawyers boardroom and asks to ‘Friend’ her and pushes the refresh button over and over waiting to see if she did. Great ending.

While you could wait for a rental or stream it, I wouldn’t. The music and scenes are well put together. It’s the best movie I’ve seen this Fall.

Speaking of streaming, I maybe a bit late to the party but I just re-discovered AFRO Samurai. I streamed the first season and the movie this past week and fell in love all over again. Music by RZA, Samurai’s fictional wubbie Samuel L. Jackson and the simple brutality of the animation are outstanding. It’s pretty much like any Samurai theme with revenge at the centerpiece and you come along for the carnage ride of anyone who gets in his way. I like that it’s set in a modern era along side laser beams, RPG’s and Katana Swords. Adult themed scenes like stripper poles, side street fucking and losing the premise of your audience being 10 years old. Kudos.


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