One and the Same

As far as I can see, which we all know is considerable….I see no difference between the two ruling political parties here in the good ol US of A. The self destructive pitfalls of two party system is smoke and mirrors. They both have their special and wide based interests in hand and both are at the soul of each party, selfish.  I can see the facade differences they want you to see which is Democrats = Social programs and Spending with Large Government and the Republicans want = Military spending, Small Government and supposedly more fiscal and social responsibility shouldered on the ‘public’.

In the end they both suck. They both will only do what is right when it looks good to do so or when the public *you and me* force the issue. The latter part is very hard to do as the USA/Media is full of huge obstacles and is on purpose to keep the voices and opinions of the masses at bay. Daily barrages of media telling us what to think and how to act. 1984.5 imo.

Obama is no different than the last 6 Presidents. I’ve only been around since Nixon— and my political insight began with Carter. I’ve been accused of flip flopping on Obama by my wife who voted for him. I didn’t vote for him…I voted for the Maverick’s… was all a ruse anyways.***  She says one min I say he’s doing good with this and that — this and that being: Education reform, Pulling the Troops out of Oil BFE countries. I was and still am against any form of Bail Outs in Business, Health Care imposed on us without so much a vote from me and his views on Terrorism/Defense. Oh and the fact he spends like no other president in the history of man. (Yet we are not going to increase social security benefits for the worlds best generation – our parents).

***The day McCain announced his running mate Palin, it was over. He guaranteed a win for Obama doing that. It was planned. What better way to ensure a loss by having a complete and utter failure of a candidate than Palin? The appeal of this woman on the political arena, today still baffles me. Kinda. I mean she is nice on the eyes and all, til she opens her mouth…pun…..***

While I failed at guessing Obama would be president – I still think American isn’t ready for a Brotha in the House….I don’t think he will be re-elected for a 2nd term. What better scape goat than a black man in office? All the naysayers will be justified as he continues to fail, meet roadblocks the former suck up media falls to the wayside when they realize he can’t walk on water. He can’t save America. He’s simply and plainly put a Politician. The connotation of ‘Politician’ in all of it’s negative forms.

Course, if the Republicans choose another buffoon running mate he will be re-elected….

I will still do my homework before heading to the polls.  I will still vote. My cynicism will continue to get bigger and bigger.

End rant.


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