Hair in my ears

I have hair growing out of my ears. On my lobes, just inside them as well. I pluck them out with my fingers as best I can but they just keep coming back. All the wrong places for hair to grow. I have asked multiple times for my wife to help pluck them out but she’s pretty much ignored my request. I don’t blame her, it’s enough simply living with me with my farting, burping and other misc. things men do.

I just want these little black hairs to go away.

I’ve grown to semi like my ‘gray/grey’ hair on my head, chin and I recently found one down below. I also have one on my left side atop a mole. I have thought about getting the “Grecian Formula” and see how it would look on my goatee…when I mentioned it to my wife she was like “Oh yeah! Try that!” which took a kidney punch to my sensitivities on self esteem. I always want to look good for her, wanting to impress her with her choice of mate.

I have no qualms with being vain, we all are to certain degrees. Getting older and nearing the 40 mark sucks eggs. Not that I’ve ever sucked eggs before so I can’t really relate to that phrase…I imagine sucking an egg is pretty non-exciting rather than sucking. If I could change 3 things on me – BESIDES my belly….it would be more head hair in the right places. 2″ taller and better eye-sight.  I’m working on the belly, I use Rogaine® and wear glasses/contacts. The 2″ taller thing…well I’ll just have to live with being just under 6ft tall.

That reminds me. Did you know most women, if given a choice don’t date short men? Let’s exclude the social status, money and career options and just go with height. Women prefer taller than they are men. I know this from asking several women. I feel bad for short guys – to me if your under 5 foot 6 inches, you are short. I strongly believe in the whole ‘little mans syndrome’. I’ve known a lot of short dudes who over compensate, who are very Alpha. I’m thankful I’m average height…..5’11”. Thank you Mom and Dad (mostly mom…).

Women also love men who dance.

So back to my hair in my ears. I’m guessing this is only going to get worse. I have premature greying, (har har) and now a never ending growth of ear hairs. Oh shit..did I mention my nose hairs? They grow like mad! And some are grey too!! Those are very easy but painful to rip out in clumps. I always tear up when I do that..instant weeping. So some of you have lots to look forward to when you get older.

So my dear wife, if you happen to read my blog, please consider helping me with my problemo. I will, in turn massage your feet for 5 mins for each ear you take care of.



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4 responses to “Hair in my ears

  1. They need to start charging for blog software. hair in your years? OMG! The republicans are fixing to steal another election and youre promising to massage your wife’s feet to do what your barber should be doing for you.

    We old guys…we dont want hair cut off the top of our heads, just our ears and noses.

  2. Steal elections? How? Are they having dead people vote? Illegal aliens? I blog to fulfill my need for my egocentrism and seeing myself talk. If by steal you mean real people voting for who they want to vote then…ok?

    If I had to go to the Barber every time I need the hair cut/trimmed for my ears I’d have to go at least 3 times a month. That comes to…with tip almost 17.00 a session… =) Unless the Obama care covers it…?

  3. Jeezuz Christ RadiomanKC…your blog is a mess. I agree…they need to start charging for how much crap one can put on one page. =D

  4. kiwi

    I feel your pain brother lolol what a crack up post but i can so relate lolol to make my situation worse im short lol

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