Faith and my Beer Belly.

Almost a year since I undertook my journey to ‘lose weight’. I have and haven’t. The most I lost was 25 pounds. This past spring I was at my lightest just before my Achilles tendon snapping in half. Soon after the surgery and recovery I lost an additional 8 lbs. – with my lowest weight sitting at 225 lbs. Last November I weighed almost 250#  – 1.5 months later after my surgery I was able to finally move on my own. Of course who doesn’t want to be mobile!?!?

This mobility meant I could eat when/where I wanted. I was able to finally drive again which, again meant I could eat when/where I wanted. Prior to that my wife would prepare meals and bring them to me. She made sensible portions. The ease of falling into old habits took hold and I quickly gained 10 lbs in a few week. WIth a bum ankle and rehab movement isn’t something one seeks to exercise but I did with my wife for awhile but getting into a work out habit is..well…hard and boring.

I’m currently just under 240#’s still 10 from last year but I was soo close to my goal before my ankle…and after..but when you lose an entire leg muscle(s) with atrophy I expected that. So yet, again I am on the road of health and eating right. My devil is large portions and 2nds. I have no idea WHY I want more than I should, as if the food won’t be there or it’s like my last meal on Earth. My other killer is the ease of ‘fast food’ – except I don’t go to Wendy’s, BK or McDonalds..I go to Chick-Fil-A and the Five Guys/SmashBurger joints of Overland Park. I need to stop that. OH..and one more guilty pleasure is Mi Ranchito and their Espinaca Dip and Chips…with 2 Soft Tacos. DAMMIT MAN!

The POSITIVE things gained in the past 12 months is I can count calories without a calculator. I don’t drink ‘Pop’ but once a month when we have Pizza. My ankle is 90% healed…I don’t have 100% full range of motion and probably never will but I can walk most of the time without a gimpy limp. My rogaine is working. HAHA. HA. I don’t have diabetes (as of 4 weeks ago). I’ve fallen in a love/hate relationship with Yoga (Namaste). Our dogs love our weekly walks at night. My overall stamina is up.

It’s funny how food and eating can rule ones life. I look at my high school and college day pictures and yearn for that body…I of course realize that I simply can’t have it back but I can work towards a goal and make it happen. Repetition and faith in yourself are the keys. My inspirations include my wife and kids. My Family and knowing that we shouldn’t be fucking around with our bodies like we do by feeding it crap. It’s the ONLY thing we truly have. Material things, status, career all have nothing on taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically.
(this is me pumping myself up)

I still plan on indulging in my wife’s wonderful Turkey Dinner and fixins. Our menu this year is:

  • Turkey
  • Dressing (she has a family recipe)
  • Mashed Taters and Gravy
  • Sweet Taters
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Cornbread
  • Cheesey Corn
  • Broccoli or Asparagus (not sure which…)
  • Wine and/or Guinness
  • Cigars from THE OUTLAW
  • Dessert – which I never eat so don’t really care

So- Thanksgiving is next week and my plan back in August fell thru. Plan was to SAVE enough to get a 50″ Plasma. Last week my Van decided to take that savings in the form of it’s brake lines being replaced. So looks like it’s Dollar Days in the Knight Household. – Unless, of course I can GRIND my way to some quick cash in a few weeks with my trip to Atlantic City…




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