In this narrow path of topics – Kids – and how one deals with them (your own) it’s one of those situations where someone who doesn’t have their own, really…honestly, have NO clue of the in’s and outs of raising kids. Having someone elses kids for less than 2 years doesn’t count….Thats called extended babysitting. Big Brothers and Big Sisters doesn’t count either. Really?
Ask my boy Vince…he did the BIG Brother thing and now has 2 kids of their own in a blended family scenario. One simply can’t fathom what it’s like to have their or someone elses kids’ in their day to day lives.

Mine are almost driving and one is almost in High School. I have 3 others with my wife – her’s are in College, Full Time Working and one last one being a HS Senior. My background has been with this blended family going on 8 years now so I have tried and true experience with raising children. At some point I was able to put on diapers in pitch black on my kids. 2 Surgeries with tubes in their ears, countless Doctor visits. The trenches of their toddler years.

Now…it seems I’m going DOWNHILL  (time-wise) with them…well…most of them. My son will soon be asking for my keys to go somewhere. My daughter will soon be going to Teen parties and dances…ALL of our kids are beautiful. The ladies more so then the 2 boys (hehe) and believe me, as a Father that isn’t always a benefit. All 3 girls are being bombarded by guys/boys asking them out…etc. I don’t have a proverbial ‘shotgun’ in the house but I can look pretty darn intimidating when needed.

I love how we, as parents are handling these scenarios– both predictable and some not so much. I’m more of a reactionary while she is thoughtful and patient. I’m more worried, she’s more relaxed. I think it’s because she’s faced more parental issues than I have so far. She also was tasked with raising them without a significant other let alone monetary help from her deadbeat ex husband…til I came along. A blended family is one with extreme levels and needs for BALANCE. If the two sets of kid(s) don’t get along…odds are it won’t work for the couple. Ours met when they were aged 5-12. Perfect for blending.
All different in their own rights but all wanted to be a family (at the time) and seeing us as a happy couple. We have been very lucky in that regard, they all treat eachother with respect. (currently).

It’s a continual trial and error with raising kids, not knowing how to do certain things, correcting their behavior, praising them..etc.


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