Husker hit 80 yesterday. The increased XP and his Golden gear helped along the way. This makes my 6th level 80.

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  2. SeanCassidy
  3. AK
  4. Wootbeer
  5. Husker
  6. Dreaming

In gaming terms I think I’m right on par with the number of maxxed toons. I mean the game is 6 years old…I should have all classes maxxed by now, right? I have to admit I love leveling toons. I’m sick, I know. Though I do hate the mid levels – usually after 30-55 I can’t stand it but maybe with the new expansion it will change for the better.
I’ve now focused my attention to Arikara, my Lady DeathKnight. Named after my tribe. Currently under a UnHoly spec as I’m not sure which spec is good for leveling late game. I know I don’t want to Tank. Just DPS. =D I love being selfish like that ingame….no responsibilities! WOOT WOOT!

I also mastered Engineering and Mining this weekend …well…not capped on Engineering since they raised it to 465 but with no new schemes I have to wait. The nodes in WG seemed to be particularly high in Titanium this weekend as I saw nodes after nodes of them..not to mention tons of Saronite. I store most of it and sell 25% of it. Speaking of….I’m making a nice gold run lately on the AH with my inscriptions. Prices shot through the roof since the update. Thanks Blizzard! I need it.

I don’t believe I can hit 80 before Sunday but I should be close…just in time for the new release.

As always…Mages are so much fun to play. Don’t know why I didn’t level one up sooner……


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