Birds Fish and UFO’s

Having read at least a dozen reputable (as far as today’s media can be called reputable) on the reports about the NYE Fish kill and mysterious dead birds – reports from 3-5k apparently hitting something mid air. Reading the publics response has been a good sources of comedy. While I can see the fish kill being a disease since it only affected one species – 100k fish seems like a lot at one time.

The birds – well reports initially were inconclusive but more recent ones say they didn’t die from falling to earth but had ‘hit’ something in the air.– some explanations so far are high altitude hail and lightning. For me, the hail makes more sense than bolts of lightning. None were reported being ‘fried’. Blunt force trauma. Hail makes sense except they were flying at around midnight, these birds do NOT fly at night unless provoked. This lead speculation that fireworks drove 5000 birds as a flock to fly very high…then get hit by lightning or hail.

I’m naturally a skeptic. This, to me is very skeptical based on the scientists proposed excuses….The proximity being under 200 miles of eachother on the same 24 hour period is what it is…a mystery.

I believe in Ghosts, A God, Spirits, After life, UFO’s and that our Government is highly secretive. In this case, I believe it to be a UFO. Yes, I’m crazy.

Speaking of…I have had 3 close encounters. Once when I was 6 years old going to the bathroom sometime after midnight I looked out the window as something caught my eye. It was a light hovering over Maple Street in Omaha. It was the summer because our screen window (2nd floor) was open and it was cool out. I stood on my tipee toes and stared at this light for what seemed to be a good 10 mins. So long that my mother woke up and asked what I was doing. I pointed to the light and she too stared with me, not saying a word. She then went to the back porch and lit up her cig and I followed. The ‘light’ was orangish and didn’t blink and was rather bright. As a kid I didn’t know ‘distance’ but it would be maybe 2 miles away. The light shot straight up into the blackness of the mom finished her cig and told me to go to bed.
Second time was same house but I was now 9 years old – same bathroom, same scenario…except I actually saw ‘something’ in my back yard. It looked a lot like a muppet from Sesame Street…like Cookie Monster but with legs and arms and hairy and glowed orange. It looked right at me at the end of our back yard which led to a small lot of trees. It scared the shit outta me when it took a step forward. I screamed bloody murder and woke my family up. I was hyperven-talating’ing…ing… but like most parents, they summed it up as me sleep walking and having a wild imagination.

The most recent run in- so to speak was 9 years ago, Winter before getting divorced. Living in Overland Park, wife and 2 kids….it was January, at least 1/2 foot of packed snow on the ground and maybe 9 degree’s outside and around 10 pm on a week night. I stepped outside for a smoke. Walked toward the street on my driveway when I heard a noise across the street – what seemed to be coming from in-between my neighbors houses. The sound was similar to a high pitched whirling noise. No one was outside, no wandering pets or neighbors. No one. I stepped once and saw from right above me about 40 feet in the air a black spherical ball. As I turned to look at it it made the same whirly noise and shot straight up into the air where I coudlnt see it but heard it’s doppler effect.

My heart raced. My eyes bugged out. I just had an encounter with something….something remote. I slipped on the snow as I raced inside the house to let my wife know- she seemed taken aback by my appearance and excitability. Let alone me telling her what I just experienced… she has known me as a true non believer of anything close to being ‘kooky’ or far out ‘der. IDK if she believed me but I didn’t care.
She went outside with me and of course nothing was there. The next morning I went over the area across the street and there was no new snow and as such no ‘tracks’ of anything where I heard the noise. No prints below where I saw the object. Nothing.

With all that said. I think the birds that died simply slammed into a UFO. They were spooked by it’s presence and flocked together and slammed head first into it/them. The fish kill was an alien experiment. One species. One kill.

The truth is out there.



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4 responses to “Birds Fish and UFO’s

  1. Michael


    Some of that stuff you said I want to make fun of, I want to say it’s not real, I want to say it’s drug induced…but for the most part, I don’t think it’s a story, I think it’s real.

    There have been more UFO encounters recently than there have been reported before. Something BIG is coming, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    It was a UFO they ran into, and they killed the fish too. There will be more encounters like this within 2011. This year is the build up, where the masses won’t believe…next year, everything will change, everyone will know where we stand in the universe.

  2. Well drug induced or a flashback would be great and all…and I do admit an underlying tone of sarcasm to my writing I do believe what I wrote to be what I believe. It’s a catch-22 with ‘believing’ Official reports from our supposed government scientists but it’s not like they’ve ever lied to the general public before…………things like this that are too large to ‘hide’ for the public, be it natural or otherwise. I’m not one to believe in the whole 2012 end of the world…yet…but things like this do pique my interest.

    IN the bigger picture aspect, I’m along the lines of us– human beings are simply here on this earth as guests. ‘Nature’ is much bigger and much more powerful than we give it it’s due. In relation to time, our existence here is but a ‘tic’ of a second. Our ‘pollutants’ while may be bad for the earth/environment- Earth has it’s own way of handling ‘man kind’ and will be here much longer then man.

  3. Note – Mo Rage has links and more ‘kills’. Also they determined the Sweden birds died the same way the ones in ARK and LOU.

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