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Jesus Kites

Been a long time since I stepped in here. Lot has happened. Notice I said “Lot”, not ‘A lot’. Wife was fucked by catty women and lost her job. In particular two overweight fat bottomed girls. Younger women. Younger than my Wife. That translates to the younger feeling scared of their position in life. When a younger person is in charge in a corporate setting many things can go awry in a heartbeat. The worst mistake one in that position (young fat bottomed white chick in charge) is to underestimate older more experienced people. Once they feel ‘superior’ to their elders it’s pretty much a lost cause for those not in power. Meh. Long story short, fat bottomed white chicks under 30 will see Karma sooner or late.  If I come off bitter, I am. My love worked her ass off for the company. Hours and hours, sacrifice, dedication..all understatements as to what she gave for this company….while it’s not a rare story…Company/Management take advantage of their employee’s…it’s a cross section on society in general. I’m not going to go all “Logtar’d” on you with foreigner/immigrant self righteous bullshit….let’s just say life isn’t fair an my wife was made an example in this case.

I lost more fat. Jan weighed 255. Now this morning 230. Still high but I’ve made a lot (kek) progress. Mainly food constriction and starving myself but without the pains. I also DO eat healthy. Not going to be one of those ass tards who post about their weight loss and all gung ho about it on their blog then continue to eat Donuts, Pizza and Waffles and never speak of their efforts because they talk the talk but don’t do something about it. Noticed Tony of Kansas City has been putting on the pounds. Read his The Pitch article last week…and I’ve seen him in RL at the station and occasional self promotion snapshots..months back and he was a lot less of him back then. Maybe it’s the sweatshirt, unkept hair and dreadful baseball caps? He has to know chicks don’t dig big ass guts….well maybe his girlfriend does..or at least doesn’t say anything to his face. I was ashamed of my ‘baby’ belly and still am…but motherfuckindammit I ain’t gonna be that person, that walking cliche of fatness. I want to live longer than you. I want to be around for my family. I want my kids to be proud of me. I want my wife to be able to put her arms ALL around me. I want to see my dick.
Thank god – wait..should I capitalize god or leave it non-caps? It is a title…but it is also an adjective and could be a noun. The word god has so many meanings and context and subtext. I’ll go with god. Not some intimidating like GOD. Where was I….yeah Thank god I have support to continue with my goals in losing the fat.

Welp I think I’ve done the duty. Wife is prepping the room for sleep. That means turning the fan on. Turning off her computer. Washing her hands. Putting things away. I sit here listening to Ben Folds wanting to play and write longer but my domesticated husbandry kicks in and feel guilty and will lay down with her…….

p.s. Hope you like the new look and banner.



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