I’m not pregnant.

I’m 100000% to blame for formerly being a fat fucktard. Formerly. 37 days ago I started a: cleanse, fasting, juice fast, etc. In that time I ate via my juicer only organic/fresh produce in the form of vegetables and fruits. I lost a pound a day. In the 30 days of the fasting my total weight loss was 28 pounds. I ‘cheated’ once on my Birthday – to which I had broccoli florets, small peach and something else veggie but can’t remember since the taste of fresh broccoli was all I could think of.

I’ve posted in the past my change of lifestyle over the past 18 or so months, I worked out 3,4, 5 times a week. I was tired of looking in the mirror and not recognizing who that was. I KNOW I’ll never be the person I was but I can build a better me NOW. I started the fasting coming in at 235 pounds – which to me is still HUGE. Consider I weighed in at the Doc’s office at 256 pounds back on Jan 6th, 2011… so a week later from the ending of my fasting I gained 1 pound which fluctuates +1 or -1 this past week. Essentially it’s what ever is in my system be it water or food. Last night I started my physical routine once more but moved up from our small local gym Planet Fitness – which I will miss…to Lifetime Fitness – the grand daddy of inclusive gyms. My son and I shot hoops for 1/2 hour then I did some circuit training with halving my normal reps (15 x 3) then finished off with cycling (spinning) with a goal of 15 miles. I had to stop at 6.5 due to my nips being slowly chewed off by my shirt.

So here I am sitting/standing/biking at a weight of 209-10 pounds. My 9 month old pregnant belly has been reduced to a slight / small / ish version of a muffin over flowing. My pants went from 40 to 34. My goal now is to focus on my cardio and heart health. Stamina coupled with a wide range of sports – that would be cycling, swimming and light jogging. Stuff I can do on my own or with others…

Other changes include less gaming. Sitting on ones ass for more than 2 hours a night is a waste of my time. Sure I still play games but I’m balancing it with hitting the weights, walking the dogs, riding a bike….simple but easy transitions in my life are making huge impacts on my overall attitude as well. I’m looking very forward to the new MMO for Star Wars, more EVE online and soon – Diablo III. Once I get my ProMac set up I’ll also play some WoW. I miss Fredler and his English humor even though he’s a bonafide hick. …

Another cool thing? I have actually influenced a couple people I work with to try certain aspects of my fasting. One even went out and bought a ‘Juicer’. I get almost daily questions about how I did this and that. It’s one thing to see commercials and ads on TV and the Web but it’s entirely different if you see first hand someone you know personally have actual transformations. Some real world advice I give is that if you do plan a fast is to first speak with a doctor. I think a 5 day fasting wouldn’t need a consultation provided you don’t have any preconditions (but what do I know) but beyond 5 days -see a doc, do some homework.

Ever fasted before? Essentially your body will feed off fat stores after 4-5 days of fasting. Your hunger pains will almost cease. Your environment HAS TO BE FRIENDLY. Meaning, don’t go with your friends to a BBQ, Pizza Place or places you would normally go to drown yourself in food. Defeats the goal. My wife tried it for 11 days and lost 10 pounds but once she was off she made food I could see, smell and hear cooking and I had to leave the house. She plans on doing some future cleansing too. I plan on quarterly fasting of 10-15 days as needed. My next planned fasting will occur a week after Thanksgiving. =) good timing!

Here’s a good flick to view too – which also was some inspiration….

I read several blogs, websites, WebMD, etc. to do my own research and then watched a pretty inspiring movie on Netflix called ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead‘ – about a guy my age, Australian, successful in many aspects in life sans being healthy. He decided to go on a 60 day juice fast – the movie chronicles his journey and people he meets along the way.



Lastly — pix coming soon to show the transformation!




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