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Done Hacked

I have respect for hackers. Then again when someone hacks you – I don’t..but then again it maybe my fault. I posted about my life this past week and somehow/someway it’s gone. I’ll summarize.

  • Playing WoW again – I took up Druid tanking. Fredler likes women with bewbies, Maji is a machine, the Fat Colombian (LOGTAR’D) lost his kingdom and some friends and I just got my Tyrael Mount! SWTOR is next month!
  • I have zero respect for anyone able bodied that lives off the Gov’ment and other people – namely  my step daughter’s boyfriend.
  • My daughters middle school ‘Blue Valley Middle School’ prefers to sweep bullying under the rug vs. taking actual action against the parents/children of the Golden Ghetto.
  • Time for another visit to Jersey!

That about sums up my hacked deleted post. It could either be my wife for naming her daughter’s boyfriend for being a deadbeat leech or Fredler who has man sex with Logtard and is protecting him from a mean American Indian. I think it was Obama.




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