Done Hacked

I have respect for hackers. Then again when someone hacks you – I don’t..but then again it maybe my fault. I posted about my life this past week and somehow/someway it’s gone. I’ll summarize.

  • Playing WoW again – I took up Druid tanking. Fredler likes women with bewbies, Maji is a machine, the Fat Colombian (LOGTAR’D) lost his kingdom and some friends and I just got my Tyrael Mount! SWTOR is next month!
  • I have zero respect for anyone able bodied that lives off the Gov’ment and other people – namely  my step daughter’s boyfriend.
  • My daughters middle school ‘Blue Valley Middle School’ prefers to sweep bullying under the rug vs. taking actual action against the parents/children of the Golden Ghetto.
  • Time for another visit to Jersey!

That about sums up my hacked deleted post. It could either be my wife for naming her daughter’s boyfriend for being a deadbeat leech or Fredler who has man sex with Logtard and is protecting him from a mean American Indian. I think it was Obama.




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6 responses to “Done Hacked

  1. wft . . .

    Thanks for nothing Betty

  2. er WTF… lol

    Please edit earlier reply.

    • wookieluv

      Fredler – I’m only going by what Trizillera (??) blogged about…she came home from work one day – earlier than expected and caught you two eating chocolate fondue buck naked in the middle of the living room. Something about banana peels and condoms everywhere. Hey man to each his own. You know I love you (no homo). And mad props for calling me Betty.

  3. I don’t know why I like this post so much . . . But I do.

  4. If I wasn’t laughing so hard I would be offended… very offended. (. . .)

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