History of The Old School Guild

We are a World of Warcraft guild on the server Azshara Alliance. This is our story as told by me “WookieLuv” the Guild Master (GM) (formerly–AutumnKnight my alt is now main and the new GM). Our history started in Galaxy far, far away. Back in 2003 I started my first MMORPG called Star Wars Galaxies. I fell in love with it instantly and over time gained infamous and sometimes famous reputation on the server I resided on called “Flurry”. As time went on the developers kept changin the gameplay. In the end they killed it.

Flash forward 2006. As a “stick it to the MAN!” move the elders of the server, myself included..I was only 2 months from the beta…we decided to leave the server and move onto the new kid on the block World of Warcraft.Approx. 150-200 of us left Flurry SWG and created “Flurry United” guild on the Azshara server. Problem was when you have Imperials and Rebels who have teabagged eachother for over 3 years, ganked, exploited, hacked…there will be issues. About 5 months into the guild life..it imploded. Before it imploded I made “The Old School”  named after my Star Wars Guild and City.The Old School original members (founding) we’re all from Star Wars and my guild. We started out with 15 and over time grew to 50, 70, 125. Yes, some we’re alts. =D

Over time some members quit, left for a more lively server, joined other guilds.I hit 60 then took a self imposed break for 4 months and handed over the reigns to “Santha” my future mother-in law. **  We strongly believe in family. My wife plays, her mother plays and sister. Sometimes my wifes daughters play.** Onward.

So in the summer of 2007 I came back and was happily surprised to see the guild grow to almost 400 active members. The largest guild on the server (at the time), hands down. I came back and Santha and I chatted several times as well as with the top officers (all of whom I’ve never met). Santha has a knack for bringing people together. She’s like a cross between Jimmy Carter, Mother Teresa (sp) and Al Sharpton. Most noticed the constant spamming for runs for the lower levels. People asking for gold. A lot of taking and not a lot of giving except the higher level players whose time playing was being monopolized helping others. I offered a solution. Making a new guild that could be run by Santha using players from level 40 and under and anyone who chose to go with her to the new guild. This was a gamble on my part because their was a definite loyalty factor with Santha and here comes this Wookieluv dood rocking the boat. However….it worked. Self sufficient and awesome collection of personalities that I am proud to call my guild family. Sure drama happens but when does it NOT happen when your online..or off? Bottom line is we love this game and love making new friends to hang with. Thanks to all who contribute to the quality of this guild.


Summer of 2008 after running with Rexxigal and his guild (and Alystria) we decided to have a guild merger with Dark Eternal and is was a smooth transition. We added some quality players including “Phrozen”, “Phreezin”, “Aniel” and “Arance” to name a few. Soon after this merger we were able to form semi-Solid Kara runs and had enough DPS to go around!


Winter of 2008 Logtar’s relationship with some key members of “Gutbuster Brigade” provided yet another opportunity for guild merger. This time around we had an influx of over 20 new players. Quality people once again. Just in time for the Lich King we are focusing on new content and when we all hit the 80 mark I look for us to be doing some worthwhile end-game content.

Summer of 2009 The ideas of The Old School being casual and me not being around to lead them or want to lead certain people was too much. MMO’s are meant to be played with your friends & family. Mine, whom I thought were friends were only skin deep, cest’ la vie? LOL. All is good, as it gave me a chance to re-evaluate what I personally want out of this particular game. I know I’ve lived and learned from my experiences through my tenure in WoW and it’s many up’s and downs. At this point in time I’m not sure about revamping the guilds ranks with new members. Too much work for it to be cut down so easily. Managing people’s wants and needs in a game as a GM is a thankless job and one I still believe I’m good at, just at this point in time isn’t my priority. Me having a real family to deal with, having my children, wife and friends are the real deal and while balancing it with a guild is nice, it’s certainly no substitute.

I hold no ill will to those who left for Colombian pastures as they simply put ‘do what they want to’. I only find myself at times wondering ‘why’ so and so left without so much a goodbye or some actual real conversations besides the “Anytime you need something” bullshit line or “Anytime you wanna run something”– which is mostly just filler and replacement for “Fuck you Very Much”. LOL

In the end the guild will still be here and maybe this Winter I shall renew it’s members with fresh recruits and ideas of having fun in WoW.

Thus is the current status of The Old School.


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  2. Hello from Aimee and Andrew,

    Hey Wook! How are you these days?

    Andrew and I are busy playing Age of Conan. We were thinking about you today.

    I was wondering if you could help me out with something? I asked Andrew if he knew any graphic artists and he said “yes”. And guess who was talking about?


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    Shoot me an email, we’d love to catch up.